Buy One, Get One Free!

Good evening from the fickle Eastern Shore of Maryland! We had beautiful weather the last two days, with a stormy day on tap for Sunday. Everyone is ready for spring in our neck of the woods. Well, I am running a special today, and my readers are the lucky recipients of this osprey special. Today and today only, you are getting two blogs for the price of one! Welcome to “See Ya, Wouldn’t Want To Be Ya, 2020 in the Rear View Mirror Part Deux” and a special rendition of “Who’s On First?” I’ll start with “Who’s On First?”

As promised, I was putting together photos for Part Two of my first blog of 2021, when the excitement started. It was a quiet Friday evening here at the secret location. After a long week, I was looking forward to our very first social gathering since the pandemic put the kabash on life as we knew it. Five neighbors, all fully vaccinated, were coming to the end of the dock for a much needed socially distanced happy hour outside in the breeze. What a delightful time we had! To be able to chat in person with friends while sharing a glass of wine and some nibblies was simply divine! By sunset, everyone had left. All of the leftover wine (what’s that?) and goodies were put away, and I sat down at my computer to get some work done. I can see outside from my desk, and there he/she was! Over the previous week, a very pretty visiting osprey had stopped on our platform a few times, but it wasn’t Tom or Audrey. This osprey looked very much like Tom, but it was so hard to tell in the dark. When morning broke, I decided the osprey looked like Tom and was acting like Tom by sitting on the boatlift and top of the camera pole. I always get nervous making a call on osprey identity, but it was time to put on my big girl pants and give it a go. Not too long after I made the call, the lovely visitor made an appearance, so we had two ospreys on the nest platform, albeit for a very short time. Before I continue with Part Two of my first blog, here are just a few photos of this morning’s excitement. Who’s on first?

Well, well, well, who do we have here?

After seeing this osprey on the perch and the post, I had a really good feeling this was our Calico Tom The Fishing Fool! If you look at the very top of the pole, there is a good view of the perch

Tom wasted no time in living up to his moniker, and brought back a nice fish, which he didn’t have to share with anyone after his long journey. There was a wee bit of buff color visible on the back of his head when the wind blew, which is one of Tom’s telltale characteristics

Already making a bloody mess on the boat lift! Welcome home, Tom!

Knowing Tom’s nest making skills would probably kick in shortly after he had a rest and some chow, I immediately went out to put some sticks in the back yard.

The first batch of unmarked sticks, followed a little while later with four marked sticks. You will have to watch to see the color selection!

And lo and behold, not fifteen minutes after I put the sticks out, I looked out the window to see Tom making a low pass parallel to the shoreline right toward my sticks! He snagged one, and took it to the nest! Mrs. COM was feeling pretty pleased with herself right about then!

We had a small incident a few weeks ago. A local tree expert service was hired to trim all of our trees, which had grown to be quite large after thirty two years with us. When I came home from work after they left, I was aghast to see that our stick locker lay bare under our Wye Oak. We grew this tree from an offspring of the famous four-hundred year old original Wye Oak, which had been located not far from us before it succumbed to a lightening strike. Apparently, the tree trimmers thought they were doing us a favor by cleaning up the substantial pile of sticks under the tree. No one was home to tell them otherwise. If you have been reading my blogs, you have seen photos of the very large stick pile we had accumulated for our ospreys to use as building material. I have been gathering sticks from the yard to start replacing our stash, but it will be a daunting task to replace the amount of sticks we had saved.

Oh, no! The tree people must have thought they were doing us a favor and cleaned up all of the sticks that were under our stick tree. So sad to see them go! Fresh sticks for our friends this season!

So now I will continue with “See Ya, Wouldn’t Want To Be Ya-2020 In The Rear View Mirror-Part Two”. We were a little late in taking down the poles last season, but on December 3, 2020, our dear friends from the Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, Phil and Dean, stopped by to remove the poles for the winter. Over the years, we have had damage, to include losing poles, when ice would form in the bay. The last few years, the pole (now poles) had been taken out of the water to avoid having to replace them in the spring. COM had been mounting the camera pole on the dock for winter swan viewing. This past winter, we were having technical issues with the camera, so unfortunately, we weren’t able to share our gorgeous tundra swans with you. Hopefully, all of the technical issues have been resolved, so come November, the camera will be able to capture some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

By now, you have seen lots of photographs of our poles and cameras being taken down in the fall and put back up in the spring. We wouldn’t want to break with tradition, so here we go again.

The team had a nice day for their pole removal project. It wasn’t terribly cold (easy for me to say from dry land), not too windy and the tide was low. These were ideal conditions for the task at hand. First, the ladder, kayak and other necessary equipment was ferried out to the pole system. There were a series of lines and pullies assembled to assist in the lowering and removal of the poles. You gotta love physics!

Here are Phil, Patrick from the Chesapeake Conservancy, COM and Dean lowering the camera pole.
The camera pole, with camera and other equipment, has to be carefully carried back to terra firma. The camera cannot get wet.

Three strong men are carrying the pole, which is incredibly heavy. Calling squatter’s rights, COM is carefully carrying some not-so-heavy line
The nest/platform pole stands alone
Now the camera pole had to be moved onto the dock and be attached to a piling. Physics in action again, notice the lines and pullies
The pole was up, and being secured to a piling for the winter. Phil and Patrick were in the water under the dock. At this point, we were still hoping the camera might be functional for winter swan viewing
Patrick was at the ready in the water in case a water rescue was needed.
COM securing the very long cables
Just hanging out in the water waiting for Mrs. COM’s fresh cranberry muffins





Camera pole standing proud. Mission #1 accomplished, and one step closer to those muffins
Phil and Dean are retrieving the really big stepladder, which won’t be needed for Mission#2
Ladder coming back with Phil and Dean, needed equipment going out with COM and Patrick
Phil and Dean putting the really big stepladder back on the dock
Getting ready to jet out the nest platform. Whoops, I don’t think that was supposed to happen!
Down comes the nest platform and pole. It is not critical for this pole to stay dry, so physics is on the side burner for now
The pole and kayak are being readied for transport back to land
The nest pole is heavy, but with no camera to add weight and logistics, it is not as critical to be carried in a certain orientation. Phil has the front end, and seems quite nonchalant. Patrick is wondering who volunteered him for this project
All of the equipment has made it back to the dock unscathed
Patrick is readying the kayak to be pulled up the riprap
Thank you, Patrick and the Chesapeake Conservancy for providing some manual labor. It would be tough to complete this task without you!

Oh where, oh where have my little poles gone? Oh where, oh where can they be? Our unobstructed winter view where the pole complex used to be

Moving the platform and pole to winter quarters on the riprap

Our socially distanced team, Patrick, COM, Phil and Dean. I made them wear their masks in case Dr. Fauci was in the neighborhood. I hope the muffins were worth it!

A sad occurrence over the off-season was the passing of my 6th grade heart throb, Sean Connery. When he appeared on the cover of Life Magazine during the run of his movie, Thunderball, I decided I would wallpaper my room with said covers. Although I put the word out to family and friends, I was only able to come up with four covers. Alas, my dreams of being surrounded by Agent 007 was not to be, breaking my eleven year old heart.

As my dear departed mother used to say, “He could eat crackers in my bed any day”. Although I didn’t get it then, I sure get it now. RIP, Bond, James Bond. You were the best of all the 007’s

I am very sorry you weren’t able to enjoy our winter visitors between seasons. Although their viewing wasn’t available to you, we had a banner year for swans, with an average of forty to fifty every day. Here is a series of photos as a reward for your loss.

A bevy of swans relaxing where the pole complex was removed for the winter. There is one gray swan toward the right of the photo, who is a juvenile.

When COM goes out in the morning to feed the swans, they can see him on the dock and come flying in from wherever they have been for the night. You can hear their wings flapping and the sound coming from their webbed feet when they land in the water

This is a juvenile getting ready to take off. The swans will run across the water and start flapping, sort of like a plane taxiing before take-off

These swans have landed, and are quickly swimming to the dock for their morning rations. Check out their neck reflections and the V’s they leave in their wakes

The swan to the right of middle looks like he is laughing. There is a swan feather floating near the front of this photo, see if you can spot it

A swan family. The grey one in the middle is a juvenile. The lighting is not very good, but I really like their neck reflections

One of these swans is getting ready to bite one of his buddies, not very nice
I may enter this photo in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources calendar contest. The winning photos that are selected appear on a page of their next year’s calendar. What do you think?
Bottoms up! Check out the three swan butts in a row at the bottom of this photo. This is how they eat, with their necks stretched down to the food, and their cute little swan tushies pointed to the sky.

I will leave you with a few more sunrise photos. The winner of the sunrise photo contest in my first blog was Choice #2, followed closely by Choice #4. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Once again, I cannot pick a favorite, so it’s up to you to choose yours from this group.

Choice #1
Choice #2
Choice #3
Choice #4
Choice #5

The hour is late, and I am getting bleary-eyed. I hope you have enjoyed Part Two of our off-season. When next we meet, I will start our season off with more recent tales from the secret location. Now that Tom is back, I hope to have many lovely photos of our recently-arrived ospreys. Time will tell whether our beloved Audrey II will grace us with her presence back at the nest, or a soon-to-be beloved Audrey III will take her place. Audrey II is at least 14 years old, and would be reaching near the end of the average life span for an osprey. Mother Nature will have her say, and we humans can only sit back and wait for whatever she brings our way!

Until next time, we remain,

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl

If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one. Go to today. Thanks very much!

45 thoughts on “Buy One, Get One Free!

  1. I loved every word of your fabulous descriptions! What an incredible effort! I have never seen a swan gathering so those photos and descriptions were so special. Thank you for giving us this amazing gift! I’ll look forward to future posts, especially to verify, “Is it Tom? Audrey II?” There are not enough adjectives to describe your words and photos! Extraordinary! Hugs, dear friend!
    Southport, NC

    • Hey, there! Oh, so very happy to hear from you, you are missed! It’s definitely Tom, but no signs of Audrey II. I hope I am wrong, but I think our sweet Audrey may not be returning this time. Time will tell. So glad to know you are enjoying our camera and my blogs. Please stay safe down there, hopefully our paths will cross again some day! Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Cindy! Thanks for taking a minute to vote! There are a couple posted in this blog that I really, really like, and I take a bunch of photos for sure! Glad to know that you are enjoying the camera and blog. Here’s to a wonderful season! Mrs. COM

  2. My favorite is picture #2. Thank you, as always, for the update and wonderful pictures. Hoping for a great season!
    I read this in my phone and there was no blank space!

    • Hi, Janine! Thanks for letting me know about the format on your phone. There is a very large gap in the blog on my pc, which led to me trying to fix something I didn’t know how to fix. Nothing worked, and I ended up losing half of what I had just written just before I was ready to publish. It was a late night (early morning) for me for sure. Thanks for your vote, but mostly thanks for watching our camera and reading my blog. Mrs. COM

  3. Thank you so much for your blogs. They are appreciated even from the Central Coast of California! Here’s to a successful breeding season.

    Donna and the poodles MACH3 Marweg Silver Bentley, MXC, MJC, NF, BN, RE, ThD, UR01, NW1, TKA, CGCA, SWA, SEE Memories Lyca Frankie, BN, MX, MXJ, RE, XF, T2B, NW2, CGCA, TKA, SWA,

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Good morning, Donna! It’s always great to know that our camera and blogs are appreciated by our followers. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it really means a lot to me as I sit here quite fuzzy from only 3 hours of sleep! Here’s to a good season with no drama (other than what we have already had!) Mrs. COM

  5. Thank you so much for your blog and those beautiful photos. I look forward to all your blogs. Glad that Tom has returned. Sorry about the removal of the sticks! Re the photos: I like #2 the best, with #3 second. All were fantastic.

    • Hi, Patricia! You are very welcome for the blog and photos, especially at four in the morning when you lose half of your blog. I have to get this new system figured out, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and watch the tutorials. It was a frustrating evening/morning to say the least. Thanks for your kind comment, keeps me going! And thanks for your vote. Mrs. COM

  6. Once again, enjoyed every bit of the blog. I’m sorry it’s so hard to do, been there, done that with other programs, especially when you lose part or all of it. Almost kills the spirit! Thank you for persisting! All the pictures are great as usual, for some reason, upside down swans with their feet paddling the air make me laugh. As for the sunrises, gotta go with #1. So glad Tom is back, and still hoping for our Audrey, although with the weather the last couples of seasons, if I were her, I’d stay in South America!

  7. Hi, lyntuck! Always good to hear from you, and thanks for your vote. When I realized I lost half my blog in the wee small hours, I just sat and stared at the screen. I couldn’t believe it was gone. But yes, I persisted and got it done before the sun came up! Thanks for sticking with us and continuing to be a faithful camera watcher and blog reader. Here’s to a great season! Mrs. COM

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. We are all blessed to be able to read your blog, and share in Tom and Audrey’s incredible journey.
    The photo that you are sending in for the calendar, is a winner for sure!!
    Thank you again!! From one osprey fan to another!

    • Hi, Paula! It’s a dreary day here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I hope all of the bad weather gets out of the way before we (hopefully) have eggs in the nest. Happy to hear that you are enjoying our camera, blogs and photos. Taking time to leave a comment always puts fuel in my tank, especially after the frustrating night/morning I had! Here’s to a safe season for everyone. Mrs. COM

  9. Thank you for the latest blog entry, and so sorry to read that you lost so much of your work. That must have been so frustrating!

    My vote goes to pic #3, although all are lovely. And that picture you want to submit for the calendar is just wonderful. The swan appears to be slapping the water and laughing!

    When I checked the nest within the past half an hour or so, there were two birds. I could not tell who they were. It would be sad if Audrey II is gone, but as you wrote, Mother Nature has the final say.

    Have a lovely day, and thanks again.

    • Hi, Pa Gal! Yes, it was a frustrating blog session for sure. When I saw that half the blog had disappeared, I could not believe it. But gone it was! At least I didn’t have to recaption the photos, they stayed in place! I hate to say it, but I don’t have a good feeling about Audrey II. I hope I am wrong, so we shall see. In the meantime, Tom has been busy all day bringing back sticks to the newly-forming nest, always good to see. Here’s hoping for a start to a safe season for man and beast! Thanks for continuing to watch our camera, read my blogs and take the time to leave a comment! Mrs. COM

  10. Thank you so much for the blogs, and all that you and Com do for our beloved Tom and Audrey. I pray for Audrey’s safe return but I know there will be a time when her journey to us will end. I just hope it is not this year. Your family’s dedication to this nest is amazing. I cannot thank you enough. I cannot decide on the best photo. They are all beautiful. How is Osprey Girl?

    • Hi, Mary! We are glad to be able to bring a little joy into everyone’s lives with Tom and Audrey. I am hoping for a little more joy this year than last. Osprey Girl is good. She moved to Philly at the start of the pandemic, hoping to enjoy some city life, which of course has been extremely curtailed due to the pandemic. Hopefully things will start getting better, and she can do something besides work! Thanks for asking about her. Mrs. COM

  11. I sooooooooooooooooo enjoy your blogs!!

    On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 5:39 AM Osprey Camera Blog wrote:

    > ospreycam posted: ” Good evening from the fickle Eastern Shore of > Maryland! We had beautiful weather the last two days, with a stormy day on > tap for Sunday. Everyone is ready for spring in our neck of the woods. > Well, I am running a special today, and my readers are the ” >

    • Hi, sclarkd! It makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to know that you are enjoying our camera and the blogs. I truly appreciated the comments, helps to keep me going at 4:00 a.m. when I have just lost half of the blog I have been working on for two days! Thanks again for reaching out! Here’s to a wonderful season for all! Mrs. COM

  12. Hi Mrs. COM, I so enjoy your wonderful blogs and fantastic photos❣️ Many thanks for sharing. Looking forward to a successful season. My best to you and your family.

    • Hi, there flyfishlady! Thanks for taking the time to reach out and leave a complimentary comment. Knowing that our camera watchers and blog readers are enjoying the fruits of our labor really does help us keep going at times. We all have our fingers crossed for a successful 2021 season, man and bird alike! Mrs. COM

  13. Definitely you should enter your Swan photo in the contest. On the other, Pick your Favorite, I chose Number 3. It’s a sunny breezy day in Hot Springs Village Arkansas and while we only have 3 Mallards, a bunch of Coots and several Greeb on our lake the yard is FULL of at least 8 varieties of song bird….some heading north, some staying here where the nesting and eating are good. Thank you for your efforts always….do you need us to bring you some sticks? (Ask Tom). Canada Geese flyover is finishing as they head home. Love the Camera/Love the Blog! Keep up the great work. Carol

    • Hi to you in Arkansas, Carol! We had some rain, thunder and lightening earlier in the day. We are in a bit of a lull now, but things are supposed to kick up again later today. I always feel so sorry for our feathered friends when they are out in the elements. Very happy to hear that you are enjoying the camera and blogs. Hopefully 2021 will be a better season than 2020 (for man and bird alike), and we can all enjoy more camera watching, photo taking and blog writing (although hopefully not until 6:00 in the morning like this last one). Thanks again for reaching out! Mrs. COM

  14. Thank you for all you and your “team” do to bring us such enjoyment. The photos are outstanding, and, yes, you should definitely enter the swan photo in the MDNR calendar contest. I vote for sunrise #2. What a beautiful picture. I’m so glad Tom is back. I’ve been checking the nest several times every day and was always disheartened to see it empty. Now we just have to wait for a mate, hopefully, our Audrey.

    • Hi, reliable Nancy! Always so good to hear from some of our long-time camera watchers and blog readers. We were so happy to have Tom back. I don’t have a good feeling about Audrey II, but I hope she proves me wrong. Tom has sure been busy today building the nest, so I hope to see some happy little chicks in it come May! Thanks for reaching out. Mrs. COM

  15. Opening my email and finding your new 2 for 1 blog entry made my day and went great with my morning coffee. This is my favorite Osprey nest and I excitedly read the words of every blog you have written. Aside from the missing stick pile and blog formatting mishap, hoping all is well with you & the family through the pandemic. Thank you for including the pictures of the Swans and beautiful sunrises. It’s a hard choice as the clouds are beautiful in some of those pictures, I’ll pick #3 as it also includes the Swans. I’m still holding out hope for Audrey but am also not feeling good knowing she historically arrives first. I’m sure every female Osprey in the neighborhood has their eye on him, knowing the fishing fool that he is 😉 Thank you again and looking forward to the wonders of a new season.

    • Hi, sscheidt1963! Thanks ever so much for your wonderful comment! I enjoyed reading it so very much. Everything is progressing nicelly here at the secret location. The swans and sunrises added much joy to an otherwise unremarkable winter. Like you, I am not optimistic about the return of Audrey, but I hope I am wrong. Thanks so much for letting me know how much you enjoy my blog and our nest! It really means a lot to me. Mrs. COM

  16. The only thing better than the arrival of Tom is a new blog post!!! You have a wicked good sense of humor and your postings always bring a smile to my face – and I know I’m not alone. What a lucky osprey nest this is to have such caring invested property owners! Thanks so much for all of the effort your family puts into putting the platform and camera up and down and giving all of us such wonderful views. I grew up in MD so I’m partial to this cam and the falcon one in Baltimore. It sure will be wonderful to see Audrey for another season, but if Mother Nature has other plans, then I’m sure Tom will find a lovely new partner! Hopefully the crows will stay away this year and thanks for all of your hard work to try and deter them in the past. I live in CO and the bluebirds returned today so spring is definitely in the air!

    • Hi, Debbie R.! What a great comment. It’s folks like you that keep us going in the hard times here at the secret location. We do spend much time keeping our osprey nest and camera going, and hopefully there are lots of people like you that enjoy the camera and blogs. I am not optimistic about Audrey II, but I hope she proves me wrong. If we have decent weather this spring, I would hope the crow problem will solve itself. Thanks again for your kind words, and being a faithful camera watcher and blog reader. Here’s to a great season for man and bird! Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Debbie! What a great comment, which made me so happy to read! It’s fans like you that keep us going. We do put much time into our camera and blogs, so it is wonderful to know that our efforts are appreciated. Hopefully, we will have good weather this spring, which should solve our crow problems as Audrey (which ever Audrey we have) won’t have to leave the nest for sustenance. Here’s to a good season for all! Mrs. COM

  17. How great that Tom at least is back! I saw him that night, looking like he was glad to be resting at last. And I did look for the swans during the winter, already looking forward to seeing them next winter! I moved during the summer from Alburquerque to Mesa, AZ, since I am considered aging (84 now, egads!) and need to be nearer family, but my heart is still with you and the ospreys!

    • Hi, Barbara! We are very happy to have Tom back, and now just wait to see who will be the lady of the house. Still hoping to see Audrey, but as the days fall away without her return, I am not optimistic. I hope she proves me wrong! Enjoy that warm Arizona weather! Thanks for watching our camera and reading my blogs. Mrs. COM

  18. What a wonderful surprise to once again see your fantastic osprey photos and of all the little helpers that go into the production of a roller coaster ride for all the viewers! I still find myself in confusion trying to figure out who is who but am getting better. Tom still looks handsome with his brown buff and I am also hopeful for Audrey to return but suitors will be lining up for sure if it is not to be. It was so nice to see a fun picture of James Bond rather than a big roll of toilet paper like last year–The new camera allows each of us to almost feel like we are in the nest-great quality for sure- I am so glad the guys enjoyed your muffins you made from the Cape Cod cranberries. I vote for photo number 2 as the world seems endless. YES for entering the photo contest-beautiful feathering patterns. Once again your heart and soul goes into all your photography and I thank you so much. Here is hoping your next full moon party in April will be surrounding by lots of osprey loving in the nest behind you. Adios from Moe on Cape Cod a place you also love! Bring on the colored ribbons! Thanks Conservancy and crew!!

    • Hi, Moe! Always good to hear from my Cape Cod friend! I am happy that you are enjoying the camera and blogs. Thanks very much for the lovely comment. As you know, I love getting comments from our readers and watchers. Some days I need a little boost to keep things going, and comments really go a long way to encourage me! Thanks again for being a loyal camera watcher, blog reader and friend! Mrs. COM

  19. Love, love, love reading this and seeing the behind the scenes work and your fabulous photos. Definitely enter the gorgeous swan photo! As for my favorite sunrise photo …. # 2 is mesmerizing….. so many layers and colors. I couldn’t believe it was all one photo! They are all beautiful.

    • Hi, Jme! I have taken lots of sunrise photos over the years, and a couple of the ones I just posted are among my favorites. Yes, there is a lot of behind the scenes work necessary to keep everything going. COM is the technical/installation guy. I just take pictures of everyone looking cold in the water, and bake warm muffins as bait to have everyone come back when next needed! It has worked so far, so I won’t mess with success. Thanks for watching our camera and reading my blog. And thanks for your vote!! Mrs. COM

  20. Hello Mrs. COM, Thank you for all the wonderful photos, and the great blog, even though you lost some of it. I have a wordpress blog also, and for some reason things just go poof sometimes, I haven’t figured out why, it’s a mystery.
    I’ve always been a big fan of Sean Connery too, I fell in love at first sight when I was 13, I saw him on the big screen at Radio City Music Hall. The movie was, “The Wind and The Lion” he was sooooo handsome. I agree with you, he was the best “Bond, James Bond” of all.
    All of your sunset photos are absolutely beautiful, it’s a hard decision, but #2 because it shows the swans, that’s my favorite, and you should definitely enter the photo contest for the calendar, the swan getting ready for lift off is fabulous.
    Best to you and your family, have a wonderful Easter.

  21. Hi, Lillie! You are very welcome for the photos and blog. This one was particularly challenging due to the technical issues I was having. I still haven’t recovered from pulling an all-nighter. I am way too old for that! The Wind and The Lion was a fabulous movie. I need to watch it again. All of the photos in my blogs are of the sunrise! That’s the view we have behind the house over the water. Thanks for voting! I will announce the winner in the next blog. Always so good to hear from you! Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Deborah! You are very welcome for the photos! I have been busy taking more, which I hope to publish soon. Thanks for watching the camera and reading my blogs. It’s always fulfilling to read nice comments, so thanks for posting! Mrs. COM

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