Showdown at the OK Corral-Osprey Style

Good afternoon from the lovely Eastern Shore of Maryland and the eighth season of blogs from your stay-at-home (for the time being) author!  Welcome back to another season following the saga of Tom and Audrey, our favorite Chesapeake Bay osprey couple.  When last I wrote, we were way back in the lazy, hazy days of summer following the adventures of Tom, Audrey, Lil Bit and Archie. Who could have ever predicted where we are today?  Hopefully, I will be able to take your mind off of our plight for a few minutes with the first blog of the new decade.

When I sat down to go through the photos I have taken since the last blog, I quickly realized that I had way too many to publish in one sitting.  I have formulated a plan which I hope my reading public will like.  This blog will cover happenings starting in early March this year.  Next week, I will go back in time and entice you with blog #2 of 2020, and go back to August 2019 where we left off.  Sound like a plan?  It does to me!

As those of you who follow the blog know by now, at the end of every season, our nest is completely removed from the platform.  There are always questions about this destruction, much to the chagrin of many of you.  One of the reasons for the removal is due to the weight of the nest.  If the nest was permitted to remain, our ospreys would continue to build on top of their old nest year after year. This could result in a really big, heavy nest that would weigh way too much for our little 2 inch galvanized pole (check out the great pair of homophones for you homeschoolers, you’re welcome).  Reason number two is to remove any bird parasites that could winter over in the nest.  It was suggested to us many years ago by those in the know that yearly removal of the nest would be the way to go, and we have followed that advice faithfully.  Over the years, we have also lost poles to ice that forms in the bay during the winter, usually because of the movement of ice that is moving, melting or breaking up.  Poles are expensive and time consuming to replace, so we now take the poles down at the end of each osprey season.  I have posted photos over the years of the ice damage, check out some of the older blogs if you are curious to see that phenomenon.

So if the poles come down, the poles must go back up.  This happens in late winter shortly before our ospreys make their way north from their winter digs in South America to their summer Chesapeake home.  Pole removal and installation is a big job requiring a group effort. On a cold, dreary, rainy, early March morning, the tides and wind were favorable for the task at hand, and pole installation commenced.

Over the past couple of years, the camera pole has been moved from out in the water to our dock to enable viewing of the lovely tundra swans that grace our waters from November through March.  This is what the camera pole looks like during swan season, attached to one of the dock pilings.


The winter home of the camera pole


The platform pole is completely removed, and spends the winter resting quietly on our rip-rap.  The crew has moved the pole from its winter quarters to the dock while awaiting its move to placement in the water.


The platform pole ready to make the trip out to its new home. You can see the pulley at the bottom of the platform that facilitates the raising and lowering of the pole.


The task of installing and removing the poles necessitates a cast of hundreds.  Well, I may have exaggerated a little bit, four is actually an optimal number.  As in most years past, Phil and Dean of the Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage are indispensable to the job at hand.  For the past couple of years, we have also been fortunate to have the help of Michael from the Chesapeake Conservancy.  COM is always in on the action, and does a substantial amount of prep work behind the scenes during the off season. And of course, Mrs. COM is always around to help as needed, but more importantly, to bake muffins to thank everyone for their invaluable help.  This year the flavor was lemon poppy and they were yummy!

Here is a little taste in photographs of what it takes to install the poles.  It was a dreary, rainy day, so not the best lighting for the photos.  However, sometimes you have to take what you can get.


The platform pole is about to travel out to the water. The crew, from left to right, COM, Michael, Dean and Phil



The pole is much heavier than it looks. It is a 20 foot long, 2 inch galvanized water pipe.



The kayak marks the spot where the pole base is located in the water. There is a trash pump in the kayak which will be used to jet in the poles.

Administrative note-I had to look up what a trash pump is, as the name sounded kind of funky.  Here is what I found out:

Trash pumps are designed to pump large amounts of water that contain hard and soft solids such as mud, leaves, twigs, sand, and sludge. Most devices are portable, heavy-duty centrifugal pumps that feature deeper impeller vanes and larger discharge openings than other pumps.

We all (or most of us) learned something new today!



Phil and COM are locating the pole base in preparation to jet in the platform pole


DSC_5627 (2)

Going up!



Did I ever tell you I am glad to be taking the photos and baking the muffins instead of being in the water? Consider yourselves told!



One down, one to go. Our trusty 14 foot stepladder is at the ready.


Now the tricky part begins.  The camera pole has to be disengaged from the piling, lowered down and transported to the pole base without the camera getting wet.  This is not an easy task.  Phil is the choreographer of this water ballet.



Phil and Dean are in the water under the dock, while COM and Michael are ready to assist



The pole is down and resting on the dock. As heavy as the pole is, the camera makes it even heavier and it cannot touch the water



The inside of the pole needs to be cleaned out so it will fit on the pole base out in the water



The camera pole arriving at its final destination. COM is carrying some of the cable to hook up the camera.  Mrs. COM helped feed the cable out to COM from the dock, so I did help!



The pulley on the platform pole is needed to raise the camera pole.


DSC_5673 (2)

Dean is jetting in the pole as it is raised. There are lines running all over the place, physics is a beautiful science. All hands on deck were needed for this maneuver


DSC_5681 (2)



DSC_5690 (2)

The muffins are calling. Faster, faster!


DSC_5699 (2)

Everyone is out of the water, and it’s time to clean up



Mission accomplished! From left to right: COM, Michael, Dean and Phil


The next day dawned sunny and bright, wouldn’t you know it.  Check out the top of the camera pole.  COM decided that he would make it easier for Tom or any other interested osprey to perch on the top of the pole, and built the cutest little perch just suited for osprey talons.  What a guy!  Our ospreys don’t realize how good they have it.


DSC_5711 (2)

The finished product the next day. Check out the new perch


DSC_5713 (2)

Close-up view of the new perch, probably one of a kind. This is also a good view of the pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera and the infrared (IR) light source, which is also an analog camera but only used for the IR light to provide nighttime viewing


With the poles in, we were open for business, osprey business that is.  All that was left to do (at least for now) was wait.  And lo and behold, our first osprey came to call!



DSC_5772 (2)

The Visiting Lady-first osprey to visit us this season


Upon closer observation, it became quite obvious very early on that this was not our Audrey.  Although she had Audrey eye markings, her chest had a heavy necklace and she had a buff patch on the back of her neck like Tom.


DSC_5783 (2)

The Visiting Lady on the empty platform


DSC_5793 (2)

A closer look at the Visiting Lady’s necklace. Definitely not Audrey


DSC_5799 (2)

The Visiting Lady knows how to feed herself.



DSC_5847 (2)

Visiting Lady trying out COM’s new perch on a dreary day


DSC_5850 (2)

Visiting Lady on the electric box, one of Audrey’s favorite haunts.


The Visiting Lady was a beautiful osprey, and we were beginning to think that we might have Audrey 3.  All of our ospreys since 1995 when our first pole was installed have been Tom and Audrey.  Before the beginning of the 2020 season, our nest was occupied by Tom 3 and Audrey 2.  The plot thickened when a male osprey showed up, and looked very much like Tom.  To add to the intrigue, they did the osprey deed (if you have to ask, you don’t need to know).


DSC_5818 (3)

The Visiting Lady with her Tom impersonator


And then a few days later, on March 20, a great aerial battle ensued.  After the Showdown At The OK Corral (osprey style), our lovely Audrey reclaimed her rightful place at the platform.  The Visiting Lady has not been seen since.  There are a multitude of platforms and other man made nesting sites available in our immediate area, so VL and her Tom impersonator have probably set up housekeeping nearby.  The burning question in everyone’s mind was whether or not our real Tom would return to his summer digs and awaiting partner.

Audrey passed the time hanging out on the platform and in her usual places around the neighborhood.  She fished and ate, then got bored (most of us can identify with that feeling right about now) and brought a few paltry sticks back to the platform.

On March 29, there came a sight for sore eyes.  Calico Tom the Fishing Fool was back in town!


DSC_5900 (2)

The real Tom and Audrey back together again. Yippee!


DSC_5913 (2)

Hanging out together in the top of Joe’s tree, two houses to the north of us



A close-up of Tom and Audrey at the top of Joe’s tree. I think they really like each other


While all of the bird permutations were going on, COM decided he needed a new boat.


DSC_5827 (2)

What do you think? Just needs a little work


Okay, just pretend it’s April 1.  Only kidding, a belated April Fool’s joke, we need some chuckles right about now, don’t you think?  Not really COM’s boat, I hope he laughs when he reads my blog.  I will let you know.



So happy to have Tom the Fishing Fool back in town!


DSC_5960 (2)

A neat eater he is not. Tom is making quite the mess on the piling.


Does a poop shot count if you can’t see the poop? Not sure if we can count this as the first poop shot of the 2020 season. What is your vote? Majority rules.


DSC_5946 (2)

Poop shot sans poop. Every vote counts!!


And with Tom back, nest building commenced in earnest.  The viewing public couldn’t see this wonky stick in any camera view, but it drove us crazy for a few days.


DSC_5977 (2)

Wonky stick at the beginning of nest building




DSC_5981 (3)

I think it is stuck in the cross piece.


One of my favorite phenomena on the water is what I call “the sparklies”.  In order to see them, there has to be the right combination of wind and lighting.  This photo doesn’t do them justice, as it is focused on the osprey and not the water, but here is a little inkling of the sparklies.


DSC_5971 (2)

The sparklies


There have been many comments on the explore page about the nest and sticks, particularly the marked sticks.  We collect sticks from our yard and some neighbor’s yards, and keep them under a tree.  This is our stick locker.  In addition to putting out many sticks au naturale, COM ties construction tape of varying colors to a few of the sticks so we can track their progress from the backyard to the nest.  What colors have you seen so far?  If your answer is pink, yellow and blue, then you win the prize!  There will be more to follow, so be observant and your efforts will be rewarded.  Tom is a nest builder extraordinaire, and there will be many sticks placed in the days to come.


Sometimes I get the feeling that Tom and Audrey really enjoy each others’ company.  Here are a couple more examples to go along with the above two.


DSC_5985 (2)

Tom and Audrey in the scraggly stick tree (terrible lighting, but good subject matter)



DSC_5983 (2)

A closer view of Tom and Audrey in the scraggly stick tree.



DSC_6002 (2)

Hanging out together on the ladder


You can really see the difference in the eye patterns between Tom and Audrey in the next photo, which is one of my favorites so far this season (even with the terrible lighting)



Reunited and it feels so good….


Tom catches the fish, so he gets to eat first.



Audrey is waiting on the electric box for Tom to bring her some sloppy seconds



It must have been a good size fish before Tom got his beak into it


You may have noticed a new addition on our dock.  For many years, we have tried to attract purple martins to a purple martin house in our yard, and only managed to attract house sparrows, which are not desirable birds to have.  I have always loved purple martins, as they have the sweetest song and eat bejillions of mosquitoes. Our buddy Phil from Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage suggested we put a particular type of purple martin house out over the water, which is designed to only allow purple martins to roost.  COM was happy with a new project, and with Phil and Dean’s help, we are the proud owners of a beautiful new purple martin house.  There are a few scout birds around, so we hope to start a colony here in the near future.  Stay tuned for more on our newest project!


DSC_5990 (2)

A very wet Audrey on our new purple martin house


DSC_6002 (2)

Same photo from above, but now you know about the new purple martin house.  It has all kinds of guards to keep out predators and unwanted invasive birds


I am going to close for now.  The photos in this blog cover all of March through April 1.  I am having trouble getting my photos to transfer from the camera to my computer, so until I figure it out, I can’t post any of the newer photos I have taken.

In the meantime, I will get out another blog next week with highlights from August 2019 through February 2020.  And there should be some eggs coming very soon, yippee!  Here’s hoping for another fabulous osprey season with Tom and Audrey.

I usually leave you with a photo of one of our spectacular sunrises here at the secret location.  For a change of pace, here are two photos of the March Super Full Worm Moon rising over the water behind our house.  Mother Nature at her finest, for sure!


DSC_5747 (3)

Super Full Worm Moon, with a reflection visible in the water


DSC_5739 (2)

The Super Full Worm Moon, breathtaking


Before closing, I want to give a humongous shout-out to everyone who is helping us through this destructive pandemic.  From health care providers, those who keep our hospitals clean, laboratory technicians, food service personnel, law enforcement, grocery store clerks, truck drivers, trash collectors, mail carriers, transportation workers, mechanics and anyone else I haven’t named who is trying to get us through these turbulent times, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Your efforts are truly appreciated by everyone.  Three women who mean the world to me (JH, HL, JS) are included in the above list.  You know who you are, please stay safe while helping others.

Everyone wash, wash, wash your hands and don’t touch your faces!!


Until next time, we remain-

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl


If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one.  Go to today.  Thanks very much!!
















47 thoughts on “Showdown at the OK Corral-Osprey Style

  1. Oh, Mrs. COM, another spectacular blog! The pictures are wonderful, and give us a larger sense of what goes on there at the Secret Location, and how much hard work the COF go to in providing us with the opportunity to share in Tom and Audrey’s daily lives (especially this year since most of us are having to stay inside!) Thank you so much for everything you do. Here’s to a successful season in 2020, and may we see eggs soon! Evelyn Tuck

  2. Wow, Evelyn, that was quick! So happy to hear that you enjoyed the blog. I love the positive reinforcement, makes me smile and want to keep on writing! Please stay safe during these unsure times! I am going up to bed, was determined to get this blog published before I quit for the day. Thanks again! Mrs. COM

  3. I quite enjoy the whimsical and enlightening blog(s) of yours as well! Looking forward to the wrap of last year’s season. That was one for the record books, with the appearance of a wayward babe to mess up Lil Bit’s (oops, Archie’s) mojo being only babe in the nest.
    I recall last year there was a fellow you had on board to do a very specific task for the nest or camera and he was having a medical issue – what was that, can’t remember – no biggie, just was curious?.
    I’m glad to see the two lovers back together in the secret spot on the lovely Chesapeake for some 2020 shenanigan’s and raising another family.
    And yes, a big shout out to all those that enable us to be comfortable while they lay their lives out on the line.
    Cheers for now, Andrea

    • Hi, Andrea! Thanks so much for the kind words. It’s always good to hearing from those who read the blog(s) and know they are appreciated. The gentleman you are referring to is Craig Koppie. He is the raptor biologist who has banded our young osprey in the past. I haven’t spoken to him in a few months, I will reach out and report back. Here’s to a good year! Mrs. COM

  4. Thank you for such an informative and fun blog this morning! What a wonderful and inspiring way to start my day! Looking forward to a fun season with Audrey and Tom!
    Deborah Meltz, Nurse Anesthetist from Swarthmore Pa, a devoted follower for 7 years…

    • Good morning, Deborah! It’s always good to hear from a devoted follower! I am glad you are still enjoying the blog and haven’t tired of it. Take care, and stay safe! Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Lois! Thanks for reading my blog and watching our camera. As far as the email, I have no idea how to change it. It’s probably something between you and WordPress. I will see if I can find something out for you, but I have no advice or ability to change the email at the moment. Mrs. COM

  5. Dear Mrs. COM, thank you so much for the blog, which left a big old smile on my face as I was reading and looking at the pictures. In these difficult days, it was a wonderful way to start this cloudy, wet Wednesday.

    I’d like to echo your thanks to the many people who are risking their lives every day to keep up safe and to provide us with basic necessities, which have taken on such importance in these difficult times. Heroes, every single one of them.

    Tom and Audrey’s antics are sure to keep us entertained. That they are a constant in this unpredictable time is affirming. As is your blog. I thank you again and look forward to reading all about them, and hope that they have a successful season. All to best to you and your family! Stay safe, and wash those hands.

    • Hi, Pa Gal! If you have a big old smile on your face, then I have done my job and that makes me happy. Glad you are enjoying the blog and the camera. Take care, and keep looking for the new sticks (I will not reveal the color) and keep checking for some springtime eggs. Mrs. COM

  6. Hooray! I’m so glad to hear from you again and to see all the beautiful photos. Thank you and the whole crew for making this possible. Such hard work, but what joy it brings to so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Good morning, Nancy! Always good to hear from you. If we didn’t have loyal followers like you, we wouldn’t get the satisfaction that we do for all of our hard work. So you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome!! Mrs. COM

  7. Always my favorite part of osprey season are your wonderful blogs. I have been watching since the ET season. Thank you so much. Please stay safe.

    • Thanks so very much for reaching out, Mary! The ET season was certainly one for the record books! So glad you are enjoying the blogs and camera. And you please stay safe, also! Mrs. COM

  8. Well good morning from Cape Cod to you and the whole helpful crew of pole installation-pre-planning of same and the end goal of MISSION COMPLETED so that I and all your devoted loyal followers can at this trying world time have an uplifting way to celebrate another Tom and Audrey 2020 season of Osprey shenanigans which definitely is on top of my important list😃😃I really enjoyed the several added photos of exactly how pole looks with a new lesson of pipe cleaning learned. Your humor is a bonus👌Mr. COM and Osprey girl and Your love for Audrey and Tom is truly a blessing for all of us and I thank you😍Definitely a shout out to all those in the front lines of this pandemic and safety for your special three you know🙏🏻 Well until we meet again I remain blah blah Moe from Cape Cod a Place where you love to visit😘I agree with poop shoot number one count🤣🤣

    • Hi, Moe! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful accolades! It’s people like you that keep us going! And we have our first vote for counting the poop shot, and it is an affirmative one! Yippee! Thanks for being such a loyal blog reader and camera watcher. Mrs. COM

  9. I’m so happy to see the return and all the work that goes into this ! Looking forward to a new Tom and Audrey season! Thank YOU.


    • Hi, Kathy! So good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words and for reaching out. So glad you are still enjoying the blogs and watching our camera. Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  11. Thank you for the super great blog post and for making me laugh, a couple times! I actually thought the April Fool’s joke was hilarious, as you really had me believing COM had acquired a “new” boat. I sure hope he laughed at your joke. I thought it so refreshing to really belly laugh, first time in days!! Thanks so much for your humor and wonderful photos of the lovely ospreys whom we all love so much!
    Looking forward to the next blog!
    Take care!
    Sheryl Meg, in western Montana

    • Hi, Sheryl! Thanks for the delightful comment. I am glad to have made you laugh, and your comment has made me smile. It’s always great to receive assurance that folks are actually reading and enjoying my blog! Thanks for being a faithful camera watcher and blog reader. Best wishes, and please stay safe! Mrs. COM

  12. Mrs. COM
    Glad you are back writing your blogs and am also happy for the return of Tom and Audrey. Looking forward to the new season! Thank you for your posts and please stay safe!

    • Good afternoon, Sue! It’s always appreciated to receive positive feedback. I am very happy to know that you are enjoying my blogs and watching our camera. Hoping for a successful osprey season for humans and birds alike! Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Robin! Thanks for the shout-out. It’s so wonderful to be able to raise some spirits in this uncertain time. Living in such a wondrous setting, it makes me very happy to be able to share it with others. Thanks for reading my blog and watching our camera. Mrs. COM

  13. Love the latest Blog, Mrs. Com. Appreciate the “Com” team in erecting the nest site each and every year. Quite a crew there. I think the taking down and up, every year, allows all Osprey lovers, to see the hard and speedy work of Audrey and Tom, in getting nest ready. Although, sure is a lot of work for your “Com team”. Neat new perch Com added. In re the “Poo” issue; humbly I say, if you don’t see if, it did not happen. So, perhaps we can be looking for a new “Poo” pic. Thank you Mrs. Com

    • Good evening, RuthAnn! Thanks ever so much for the great comment and your vote! Some folks get very upset about taking down the nest, but as everyone can see, Tom and Audrey have a beautiful new clean nest every year. COM is very pleased with his new perch, and couldn’t wait for Tom to try it out. I have recorded your no vote, and will keep trying. Thanks again for reading the blog and watching our camera. Mrs. COM

  14. Mrs. COM, so glad to have your blog and wonderful pictures back for another summer. We just came on board last Spring and enjoyed your Osprey family all last summer. I sure hope Mr. Craig Koppie is able to band new Osprey chicks this year, we loved your pictures of him from two years ago. Stay safe.

    • Hi, Arthur! It’s always great to get some new folks to enjoy the blog and camera, so thanks for taking the time to post a comment. We all hope Craig will be feeling better this summer. He is a wonderful resource for us, really loves his birds and is just an all-around great guy. Thanks again for the comment. Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  15. Another new watcher/reader from last season (you wouldn’t believe how many times I have checked back in hopes there might be a mid-winter blog post). My favorite words from today’s were “The real Tom and Audrey back together again. Yippee!” Yippee is right, I am so happy right along with you and everyone else. Pleased also to get a good look at COM, always good to have a face to put with a name. I’ll be happily watching and maybe commenting just a tad.
    I did have one question. Most other nests insist they don’t sleep in the nest until there’s an egg, but Audrey seems to have settled in right away. Does she always do this? I love to tune in in the middle of the night and find her there.

    • Good evening, Anne! We are so glad to have you as a watcher/reader! The more, the merrier, as they say. Thanks for reaching out and posting a comment on the blog, they are always very much appreciated. In answer to your question, this Audrey (our second Audrey) has always slept at the nest, not actually in the nest bowl, but in one of the corners or on one of the platform posts. Tom is usually nearby, either on the crosspiece that stabilizes the two poles, or on top of the camera pole. With the addition of COM’s new perch, it should be easier for Tom to spend the night on top of the camera pole. Sometimes you can hear him scratching around up there. Sorry about the non-existent mid winter blog, I guess I wasn’t in the osprey groove. But I am back, and with a little more time around the house (actually alot more time for now), I will try to catch everyone up next week. Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  16. Hi Mrs. COM!
    It’s so nice to hear from you again.  What a wonderful distraction from this extremely difficult time we are in. 
    Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the new blog and your great photos,  I just adore Tom and his best girl Audrey. I know they love each other, it is very apparent. I still find it fascinating that they reunite every year.  Thanks to you and the entire COF team for what you do for our osprey, and our viewing pleasure, every year. I also hope that your endeavor to attract the purple martins is successful. Here’s to another, hopefully, fruitful season! 🐣🐣💗. Be healthy and safe.
    Beak kisses!

    • Hi, Bella! How wonderful to hear from you. It’s always a good feeling to hear from some of our most loyal followers. Now that we are home, we keep looking for the purple martins to locate their new home. So far, only those pesky house sparrows have expressed an interest, but they won’t go into the nesting holes with the new set-up. I will let everyone know how we do with our newest endeavor. Thanks for reaching out! Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  17. GM Mrs.COM, What a wonderful description of the installation of the polls to the arrival of your local Osprey! How it must have brought such joy to you and followers when both reunited this year! I know it did for me. Providing us with this cam is truly a gift of love! Thank you and sending best wishes for good health and a successful season for Tom and Audrey.

    • Hi, Martha! Thanks so much for posting your comment. Knowing our watchers/readers are enjoyed the fruits of our labor really does make it all the more worthwhile for us. Here’s hoping for a successful season! Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  18. I so enjoy watching Audrey and Tom from here on the banks of the Columbia River in the high desert of Eastern Washington State. The blog is great for information and entertainment. I do support the Conservancy.

    • Good afternoon, Patti! Very happy that you are enjoying the blog and camera from way out west! Hopefully, it will be a great osprey season for Tom and Audrey. Thanks for supporting the Conservancy, they do wonderful things for the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  19. Dear Mrs Com’ I can’t find how to log on to the cameria above the nest, please let me know. Thanks for the blog…I was so excited to see it in my in-box. best regards, Sue

    On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 1:23 AM Osprey Camera Blog wrote:

    > ospreycam posted: “Good afternoon from the lovely Eastern Shore of > Maryland and the eighth season of blogs from your stay-at-home (for the > time being) author! Welcome back to another season following the saga of > Tom and Audrey, our favorite Chesapeake Bay osprey couple. W” >

  20. I have missed your blogs. Beautiful photos as always! love the super moon photo. you should enter it in a photography contest!!

    • Hi, Chris! Thanks so much for letting me know that you enjoy the blogs! The moon was phenomenal for sure! Very glad to have you as a faithful blog reader/camera watcher. Please stay safe in these unpredictable times. Mrs. COM

  21. Watching from Lisbon, Portugal. (Used to live in Maryland and watch from there.). Hooray! So glad to see the activity in the nest. Thank you, Crazy Osprey Family!

    • Hi, Fran! Thanks so much for reaching out all the way from Portugal! It’s wonderful to have a faithful camera watcher and blog reader from across the pond! We could use a little less excitement this season. Hopefully the weather will get better for Tom’s fishing and for Audrey to stay on those eggs! Stay safe! Mrs. COM

  22. Mrs. COM! What has happened 😦 I did not see the entire day yesterday, I hear the eggs trashed by the crows?! I see Miss Audrey on the nest now. Oh my, I pray it’s not so! 😦 I’m sure you are very sad if it is…..

    • Hi, Bella. I have been hearing all kinds of crazy stories today about our ospreys, up to and including that Tom was killed in a storm. Here is what happened. Audrey left the nest around 1:00 p.m. yesterday. We think she was hungry, as the weather has been bad and the fishing probably not good for Tom. Other than a few minutes yesterday afternoon when Tom sat on the eggs, they were unattended from when Audrey left yesterday until around noon today when she showed back up (23 hours gone). This morning, I saw a crow(with my eyes from the house, not through the camera) on the nest messing with the eggs. I yelled to COM, who ran to our dedicated explore computer, and was able to chase away the crow using the two way microphone/speakers on the camera. Not sure if the crow damaged the eggs or not, they look okay from the camera view. They are certainly not destroyed. Audrey has been sitting on the nest since she returned. Tom was out fishing for a long time late this afternoon/early evening, returned to the top of the camera pole before dark. We did not see him bring any fish back. So that’s it for now. If you have any other questions, please let me know so we can stop the rumors. At this point, we will just have to wait and see about the eggs. Hopefully, the weather will improve and Tom will be able to provide Audrey with enough food so she won’t need to leave the nest again. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reaching out, Bella! Mrs. COM

      • Thank you Mrs. COM, we will surely be praying for our sweet Tom & Audrey and their, hopefully, brood to be. 🐣🐣🐣.

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