Table For Two, Please

Good afternoon from the sultry, summery, stormy Eastern Shore of Maryland!  As I sit here, there is thunder rumbling in the distance.  Hopefully, we won’t experience as violent a storm as we did a couple of weeks ago when the camera was damaged by the severe weather.  It’s been a busy few weeks since my last blog, so let’s get to it!

On July 17, our Little Bit (LB) took to the skies!  Over the years, most of our newly fledged osprey chicks have left the nest and spent a good part of the day hanging out wherever they landed after that first exhilarating flight.  LB’s first landing was not very far from the nest, just a short distance away on top of Audrey’s favorite eating location, the electric box.  The morning light isn’t the best for photo taking in our neck of the woods, but here is LB checking out a new view in his world:


DSC_4595 (2)

Little Bit’s first foray into the great big world landed him on top of the electric box next to his protector, Roger


LB didn’t stay the entire day, and decided to check out other options in the neighborhood:


DSC_4602 (2)

Is this seat taken?


I wonder what Tom was thinking when he realized one of his favorite haunts was being taken over by a youngster?

This was one of his first thoughts shortly after LB was occupying Tom’s camera pole:


DSC_4611 (2)

Take that, you whippersnapper!!


DSC_4609 (2)

Tom is looking longingly to his favorite perch, and pondering what had happened to his tranquil existence. Little did he know what was just down the road!


LB decided the electric box was a great alternative to being up on the scary camera pole:


DSC_4629 (2)

Back to the electric box where there appears to be better footing for a newly fledged osprey


But a parent was never far away:


DSC_4642 (3)

A watchful parent nearby on the boat lift


I got carried away taking photos of LB enjoying his first taste of freedom.  Out of the dozens of photos I took that morning and afternoon, I was able to narrow down my selections, but not enough.  So you get to pick your favorite, sorry for the repetition.  Let me know which of the next series is your favorite…..


DSC_4632 (2)

Mrs. COM gets the first of many stink eyes from LB. I love the red eyes on the young ones


DSC_4635 (2)

A more peaceful look


DSC_4637 (3)

Mrs. COM has not gone unnoticed, but LB did not get up the courage to leave his safe place


DSC_4638 (2)

Looking streamlined


DSC_4644 (2)

I do believe there is a fair amount of fish blood and guts on top of and streaming down the side of the electric box


DSC_4654 (2)

The coy, over the shoulder pose


LB finally got up the nerve to leave his safe spot on the electric box and head back to the nest:

DSC_4662 (2)

LB in flight early in his flying career


Home base is in sight, and LB heads back to the top of the camera pole:


DSC_4670 (2)

Do those feet look right to you? Hold on, Betty!!


LB spent the next couple of days exploring his surroundings.  His new best friend Roger was just over on the dock, within sight of LB’s new vantage point.  But this is no way to endear yourself to a new friend:


DSC_4685 (2)

“What the heck is going on?” thinks Roger


DSC_4688 (2)

This is not how to win friends and influence people. Who is going to tell LB that Roger is probably a bit perturbed with this indignity?


So much to explore:


DSC_4693 (2)

LB heading to the boat lift, where he sees his dad hanging out once in a while



DSC_4694 (2)

Look at me, Dad, I’m a big boy now!




Dad made this look so easy, but it is slippery up here!



LB decides he is not comfortable on the boat lift, and heads back home:


DSC_4696 (2)

LB heading back to safe haven.  Roger is ready to duck


DSC_4699 (2)

And home! I made it!



A little break from ospreys:


DSC_4708 (2)

A beautiful kingbird on a tomato cage in Mrs. COM’s vegetable garden. Check out the cool spider web!



The nest was getting fuller.  With LB’s new found freedom, it was more difficult to take a family portrait:


DSC_4726 (2)

A peaceful family portrait before chaos hit a few days down the road


Tom figures he’d better get while the getting was good, and takes his rightful place on top of the camera pole before the impertinent LB flies up there:


DSC_4727 (2)

I have to reclaim my spot



Mine, all mine


Audrey is left alone with her one and only little osprey:


DSC_4739 (2)

Audrey is looking a little frazzled. Gotta love that wild look!


It has not gone unnoticed by our camera watchers that LB has a healthy set of lungs.  The next series of photos was taken over a couple of minutes.  See if LB’s mouth is shut in any of them:


DSC_4745 (2)

LB squawking to the north


DSC_4746 (2)

Just missed a great poop shot. LB continues squawking to the north


DSC_4748 (3)

LB stretching his wings while squawking to the south


DSC_4752 (2)

And back to the north


DSC_4755 (2)

Just in case they couldn’t hear me to the south



Life continued to pass as LB’s flying skills grew stronger:


DSC_4758 (3)

LB is getting better on the landings, but Audrey still stays out of his way



Tom has just about given up on surveying his kingdom from the top of the camera pole.  Audrey still keeps an eye on things from the nest:



LB does not look as sure of himself as Tom does way up there


All of our osprey have always enjoyed hanging out in the scraggly stick tree, with LB being no exception.  In the next photo, he is enjoying some time in the tree with Audrey.  It looks like something is hanging from one of his talons in the tree, and when he takes off.  I have looked at the debris many times, and still can’t decide if it is fishing line or not:


DSC_4794 (2)

What’s your best guess as to the type of debris hanging from LB’s left talon?


DSC_4795 (2)

LB heads back to the nest with the debris still hanging on



Audrey has been seen way more than Tom the last few weeks.  Tom is still around, but not spending much time in his usual haunts.  Audrey continues to be a great osprey mom, and may take over Tom’s fishing fool moniker.


DSC_4798 (2)

Audrey eating a big, fat fish. LB is pretending he doesn’t notice


DSC_4810 (3)

Audrey hanging out with LB in the scraggly stick tree one house to the north of us



Here is a very typical sight at the secret location.  Audrey is in the nest keeping an eye on Mrs. COM and her infernal camera, and LB is on top of the camera pole, also keeping an eye on the bothersome Mrs. COM:


DSC_4834 (2)

I think they are getting tired of me!



LB likes to hang out in a tree along the water in my neighbor’s yard two houses to the south of us:


DSC_4847 (3)

Darn, she can still see me!



When they are around, the top of the camera pole for LB and the nest for Audrey are still some of the most visited locations:


DSC_4849 (2)

This multi-tasking stuff is not easy-flapping my wings, holding on and yapping


DSC_4853 (2)

Okay, better now.  Wings tucked in, holding on and quiet.



As the summer has gone on and our ospreys are in the nest less and less, the boat lift has become a frequent stop.  Unfortunately, this is creating a messy problem for COM’s boat:


DSC_4860 (2)

One of the culprits



DSC_4870 (2)



DSC_4873 (2)




As you know, there is no shortage of fish being caught, delivered and consumed on this nest.  This may explain why every bit of fish is not eaten some times:


DSC_4876 (2)

I guess no one wanted the tail




As patient as Audrey is with her youngsters, she is sure giving LB the stink eye in this photo:


DSC_4880 (2)

Shut your yap already, LB, even your mother is getting tired of hearing your whining!



Tom’s appearances have been few and far between, but he is still around the neighborhood.  Here he is living up to his Fishing Fool moniker:


DSC_4886 (3)

Tom with a really big striped bass, aka rockfish here in the Chesapeake Bay



DSC_4885 (3)

A little blurry, but at least Tom isn’t sitting on the boat lift


DSC_4888 (2)

Enough of Mrs. COM, and away Tom goes to eat uninterrupted



Things were going along so nicely, a lovely uneventful osprey season.  But au contraire, things were about to get much more interesting:


DSC_4891 (2)

Am I seeing double?


Shades of 2015 and E.T.!!  Our nest was visited by a new fledgling who was very skinny and very, very hungry.  After some fussing and pushing, the new arrival grabbed and rapidly ate the next two fish brought back to the nest, and Mrs. COM finally got her Archie.


DSC_4892 (2)

LB is not happy with the intruder.  Audrey and Archie are keeping an eye on things


DSC_4901 (2)

Now I know I am seeing double. On top of Tom’s camera pole and yapping away, but a look alike still in the nest!!


DSC_4903 (2)

LB does not look like a happy camper!



Audrey is still giving Tom a run for his title:


DSC_4905 (2)

Audrey is having a little snack before she gives up her fish


DSC_4904 (2)

Look at the girth on that fish! We don’t need no stinkin’ men…..


Audrey has been spending time with her two charges while Tom has made himself scarce:



Three in a tree-Audrey with a fish, LB and Archie in the scraggly stick tree.  The clouds were fantastic!


Audrey decided it was time to escape Mrs. COM:


DSC_4934 (2)

I’m outta here….


DSC_4935 (2)

Audrey in flight back to the nest


DSC_4936 (2)



DSC_4937 (2)

Lining up the landing


DSC_4938 (3)

Lots of room to land with no one else home



A serene summer evening:


DSC_4940 (2)

Tom and Audrey drying in the scraggly stick tree with a rainbow on the horizon, how bucolic. Both kids are in the nest


DSC_4949 (2)

LB and Archie in the nest at the other end of the same full rainbow. Spectacular!



Sometimes Archie may wonder why he picked this particular nest:


DSC_4964 (2)

The food is good, but my ears hurt, thinks Archie


As you probably know, a particularly violent thunderstorm rolled through a couple of weeks ago that rendered our camera inoperable.  After several unsuccessful attempts to troubleshoot and fix the camera, COM had numerous consultations with the folks from Explore.  A new part was sent for the camera, which finally solved the problem once COM was able to get it installed.  Thanks again to COM for his tireless efforts to keep all the osprey balls in the air (not sure that sounds quite right.  But please overlook the double entendre which was not intentional, but is actually kind of funny).


An aftermath to the storm:



Poor Roger after the storm. He looks like he is developing a little osteoporosis



This is a sure sign that Audrey is spending some time fishing for everyone’s dinner:


DSC_5018 (2)

Audrey is very wet. Archie is ignoring her plight, and seems glad it is not him


I will leave you with one last photo:


DSC_5027 (2)

Gorgeous late afternoon lighting resulted in a lovely photo of LB with an evening fish. I love taking photos this time of day!


Are you tired of looking at photos?  I don’t want to bore you, so this is a good time to wish everyone well.  Audrey should be with us for another few days.  Then we will bid her farewell and safe travels to her winter digs in the far south.  Tom, LB and Archie should be gracing us with their presence for a while longer, so stay tuned!  Thanks, as always, for being faithful camera watchers and blog readers.


Until next time, we remain-

COM, Mrs. COM and Osprey Girl


If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one.  Go to today.  Thanks very much!

































33 thoughts on “Table For Two, Please

  1. Thank you again, Mrs. COM for a wonderful insight into the daily life at the secret location and your marvelous pictures! The rainbow pair of pics are spectacular! We will never get tired of seeing your photos. Love this nest and these ospreys!

    • Hi, Evelyn! You are very welcome! I do like the rainbow photos. I can never capture the entire rainbow in one photo, it’s just too big. Thanks so much for being a loyal camera watcher and blog reader. Mrs. COM

  2. Mrs. COM, thank you for another wonderful blog of my favorite Osprey family and as always your truly spectacular pictures!
    I wonder if Archie is one of Tom and Audrey’s offspring? Or do you think it’s a fledgling that lost his way? In any case beautiful Audrey is ever the great mom. Thank you again! 🐥🐣🐣🐥

    • Hi, Bella, so great to hear from you! Archie is most probably a fledgling that lost his way, like E.T. Was in 2015. He hatched this spring due to his coloring, so can’t be one of Tom and Audrey’s offspring this time. Wouldn’t that be fun, though! Thanks for being with us all of these years! Mrs. COM

      • You’re absolutely right! I didn’t even think of his coloring, quite obviously young and couldn’t be an immediate family member. I guess I was just hoping to see one of the kids fogged my thoughts 🙂 But he probably feels that way now that he’s been welcomed by both Audrey and Tom, and fed as their own, so sweet. I wonder if he will return to them???
        Thanks again Mrs.COM and please give a warm THANK YOU to COM, he’s so dedicated and we are ever so grateful.

  3. Very enjoyable read. Pics and humor just wonderful. Difficult choice for favorite. Big fan of all of the wings up, incoming shots. Look forward to the next installment. Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Marguerite! Sorry you are having problems picking a favorite, but that means you like a bunch of them! Thanks for your comment, makes me feel good to hear from our osprey fans. Glad to have you as a camera watcher and blog reader! Mrs. COM

  4. Thanks, Mrs. COM. What a lovely way to start the day with your incredible photos and words. I’m so glad Archie found this nest for his new residence. Audrey seems to have a special place in her heart for him, as I think you do, too. In spite of all objections, LB (good choice!) seems to have accepted Archie’s presence, too. It certainly does bring back memories of E.T. Hard to believe – and sad – that it is almost time for Audrey to say goodbye for now.

    • Good evening, Barbara! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying our osprey camera and blog. Kind comments like yours definitely help to keep me going after all these years! It will be bittersweet to see Audrey go, but it will be great to welcome her back in the spring. Mrs. COM

    • Hi, there, Chris! I wish I had been able to get a photo of all 4 in the nest, but was never around to see it if it happened! It makes me me happy to know that you are enjoying my blogs. Thanks for watching the camera and reading my blogs. Mrs. COM

  5. Thank you, Mrs. COM, for the latest blog, complete with your beautiful pictures and funny commentary. It’s so nice to see that Audrey, true to her nature, accepted the hungry little one into her nest, providing lots of fish to both kids who are developing into lovely osprey. Can’t believe that it’s almost time for her to head south! All the best to you and your family!

    • Good morning, Pal Gal! Audrey has been and continues to be an exemplary mom, for sure. I wish all parents could be like Audrey! She will be making her journey south very soon, but hopefully she will be back with us in March. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. It keeps me going to know that everyone enjoys them. Thanks again, Mrs. COM

  6. Your blogs are always my favorite part of the season. Thank you so much. Another big shout out to Com for his expert repairs to the camera. If it wasn’t for him, we would all be out of luck for the rest of the season. I am so excited to have another ET (Archie) on nest. Tom and Audrey are amazing parents. Wishing you the best and hoping for one more blog this year.

    • Hi, Mary! Yes, COM has put so much of his time, energy, expertise and ingenuity into the camera for so many years. He put our first camera up in 2002, and it has come a long way from there! It has been fun to have a repeat of 2015 and E.T., certainly has made this osprey season more interesting in a very good way! Thanks for continuing to be a faithful camera watcher and blog reader. Mrs. COM

    • Good morning, Luray! Always so good to hear from you! When we receive such positive comments, it really helps to keep us going. I am always afraid that my blogs get repetitive, but as long as readers like you are enjoying them, I will keep writing them. Thanks again! Mrs. COM

  7. I so look forward to your blogs!! I vote for the pic:” Mrs. Com has not gone unnoticed.” I also like the looking north and south

    On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 11:09 PM Osprey Camera Blog wrote:

    > ospreycam posted: “Good afternoon from the sultry, summery, stormy Eastern > Shore of Maryland! As I sit here, there is thunder rumbling in the > distance. Hopefully, we won’t experience as violent a storm as we did a > couple of weeks ago when the camera was damaged by the sev” >

    • Good morning, sclarkd! Thanks for taking the time to vote! Sometimes I take so many photos that I don’t realize what I have until I sit down to select the blog photos. The “north, south” series with LB made me chuckle, so although somewhat repetitive, I thought the blog readers might like them. Thanks for your kind comments and for watching the camera and reading our blog. Mrs. COM

  8. Fantastic blog and photos. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the one that made me laugh was LB sitting on Mr. Roger’s head. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date and a big HOORAY to Mr. COM for repairing the camera. What dedication. Hello to Osprey Girl! Maybe I should make that Osprey Young Lady.

    • Good, morning, Nancy! When I looked out at the dock and saw LB on Roger’s head, I really hoped I could get out there with the camera before he took off! I don’t think I have ever seen any of our ospreys or for that matter, any birds ever sitting on Roger’s head. It’s one of my favorite photos, too. Thanks for continuing to be a faithful camera watcher and blog reader! Mrs. COM

  9. Mrs COM, Thank you for another great blog and pictures, they are wonderful and your commentary makes it all the more special. It’s so hard to believe that it’s August 22nd already and that Audrey will be leaving soon.
    Thank you for sharing the adventures of Tom and Audrey’s family and friends!! LB on Roger’s hat is my favorite from this blog!

    • Hi, Susan! Always so good to hear from you! LB on Roger’s hat is one of my favorites, too! I have never seen an osprey there until that photo. Thanks so much for being a faithful camera watcher and blog reader, and for always checking in! Hope to hear from you again some time. Mrs. COM

  10. Mrs COM,
    Sorry to bother you but has all the Ospreys including the chick migrated to their winter digs in South America? I see one Osprey on a tree not sure its the intruder chick. I rarely see any in the nest. Are the chicks now catching fish on their own? Thanks.


  11. Hi, Hari, no bother at all! Tom is still around, and possibly LB. Audrey and Archie (the intruder/adopted chick) are gone. I am sure LB is catching his/her own fish by now. LB was on top of the camera a couple of days ago, and a very brief visit to the nest. Tom has spent a little time in the scraggly stick tree. No nest action to speak of. There is another nest very close to use, five houses to the north, and I have seen an osprey in that nest. There are still two ospreys hanging out in the big trees just north of us, not really sure which ones. I would expect all of the ospreys to be gone very soon.

    Thanks so much for watching our camera and reading my blog. I will be publishing one more to finish out this osprey season! Mrs. COM

  12. OMG🙃🙃Where has the time gone? Sorry for the late review of your blog👀I have reread several times and My favorite photo was Audrey in action-I’m outta here… By now the squawking has stopped-some boredom has settled in with your computer volume-COM boat cover is all cleaned up and ready for the 2020 season-Roger has recovered from his twisted accident and is settled into your garage for the winter-and a sigh of relief for all of us as the 2019 season was such a success with such crazy weather often! I have picked out one word that comes to my mind when I read your blogs❤️❤️PASSIONATE. You have this quality and here’s a quote from Oprah Winfrey “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. So your Cape Cod friend Moe thanks you for your devotion and love for Audrey and Tom and LB and Archie this year-you always have the front row seat and us viewers get right behind you✨✨Mr.COM-you are so talented with your electronic experience and Explore is lucky to have you there-have fun taking the nest away and setting up the camera on your clean dock in preparation for your swans🦢🦢Osprey Girl-Hope you are enjoying your new job✨ The Cape osprey have left also and most of the nests were successful so all has been good in ospreyland 💋💋💋Adios Blah Blah Moe from Cape Cod🦋🦋. Thanks to the Chesapeake Conservancy who makes the Osprey experience possible!

    • Hi, Moe! Thanks so very much for your wonderful comments. It’s always so nice to received positive reinforcement, helps to keep us going for sure. It was a great season, and hopefully our beautiful Tom and Audrey will be back in March to start another season here at the secret location. COM will be moving the camera to the dock for some winter viewing and will take down the nest. Stay tuned for one more blog to wrap up the season if I every stop working for a couple of days. Thanks ever so much for continuing to be a faithful camera watcher and blog reader. Mrs. COM

  13. Wow. Thanks for all the lovely pictures (with great commentary), and sharing with all of us in Explore camera land what you are lucky enough to witness in your backyard. Birds are incredible, as are the people who watch and champion them. See you next year!

    • Hi, Verna! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed our osprey camera and my blogs. Yes, we are extremely fortunate to be able to live in a beautiful location with immediate access to our magnificent ospreys. Hopefully, you can join us from afar to witness nature at its’ finest. I am planning one more blog to finish out the season, so keep your eyes open! COM will be moving the camera to the dock for winter viewing, so you can keep up with our winter visitors. Thanks so much for being a camera watcher and blog reader! Mrs. COM

  14. What a great day at the nest with Audrey’s return👌 Thanks so much for getting the platform up and running💖💖I certainly need a diversion of Osprey addiction at this time😘

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