Osprey Teaser

Good morning from the delightful Eastern Shore of Maryland!  This will be short and sweet, with another real blog to be posted later this week (hopefully).  I am running out the door to work, but was just too excited to let this one slip by this morning.  Last night at 6:58 p.m. DST, an osprey returned to the nest platform.  After careful consideration, I was ready to say that our dear Audrey had weathered all the storms, and was back with us here at the secret location.  I went upstairs to get in the shower and took a quick glance out the window.  Much to my amazement, there were two ospreys on the platform!  One of them is Audrey, and if you watch/listen to the camera, you will be sure that Squawking Audrey, in full voice, has returned!  I need to get a good look at the new arrival, but he took to his nest support post quickly, so I am getting a good feeling our little osprey family may be back together again!

Sorry I don’t have more time this morning, but wanted/needed/excited to get this photo posted for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home!!!

But now I need to leave you and answer the call of the Almighty Dollar!  I will be back in touch later this week.  Doing the happy dance!!!

Until next time, we remain-

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl


If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one.  Go to http://chesapeakeconservancy.org today.  Thanks very much!

107 thoughts on “Osprey Teaser

  1. I watched most of last year and was very sorry to see that the eggs were taken by another bird or birds. After that Audrey and Tom bonded several times but had no more babies. She certainly is taking a long time this year to produce. Is there a possibility that she may not lay any eggs this year.?

      • The nest looks so ready one minute and suddenly it becomes a total mess. The nest does not look safe for Audrey laying her first egg by April 23 which is in only a day and a half. An egg could get lost in the way the nest looks now. Guess we can only hope for the best.

  2. Can’t wait for Audrey to lay her first egg. The we can mark the date and count down to the first chick (incubation time of osprey eggs is 34 to 40 days)

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