Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Good evening from the incredibly magnificent Eastern Shore of Maryland!  Wow, what a gem of a late spring day we have had here at the secret location.  We delighted in sunny weather and enjoyed light breezes with temperatures in the mid 70’s.  The weather couldn’t have been any nicer for a spectacular June day on the sunny Isle of Kent.  The only thing that could have made it better would be a chick or two, but I am sorry to report there are no signs of that in the immediate future.

When I wrote my “What A Difference A Day Makes” blog, I had no idea how aptly named it would turn out to be.  What a difference a day did make, so sad.  Our third and final egg turned out to be nonviable, almost certainly due to the brutal crow attack earlier in May.  At the time I wrote that blog, there was still hope for a hatched chick, as the final egg was in the nest with Audrey, who was in incubation mode, assisted by Tom as the back-up incubator.  The fishing was good, the nest was well-maintained and the optimism was palpable. The condition of the third egg has made a big difference in possible outcomes at the nest this year.  When we received our two dear foster chicks in June 2015, Audrey was still sitting on three nonviable eggs, and the eggs were being tended around the clock.  In deciding whether or not to place the foster chicks with Tom and Audrey that June, the nest fidelity created by those eggs was a big determining factor in allowing the placement.  Losing nest fidelity this season is not a positive piece of the foster puzzle.  But it’s not over til it’s over, although the chances for a foster are slim at this point.

Tom and Audrey are still very close by the nest when not actually in it.  I have been observing a very interesting phenomenon.  Our loyal osprey pair has been spending a significant amount of time together in some of their usual solo haunts. Take a look!


DSC_0501 (2)

A couple of photos of Tom and Audrey together in the scraggly stick tree one house to the north of us


DSC_0500 (2)

Something has caught their attention, and it doesn’t appear to be Mrs. COM (but probably is)



Togetherness on the electrical box at the end of our dock. They both look a little damp



Audrey is doing what she does best, squawking at Tom. Roger is probably glad he doesn’t have ears. Tom seems to be thinking “If I ignore her, maybe she’ll go away”.  So much for togetherness


My new neighbor with his new boat is probably doubly unhappy about the state of his boat covering.



Such a handsome couple. I was waiting for a double poop shot, but received no cooperation


DSC_0519 (2)

Mrs. COM has caught someone’s attention!


If one boat is good, two boats are better:


Tom and Audrey add an artistic touch to another neighbor’s boat.


Let’s go for the hat trick!


We don’t want to leave COM out! His boat has such a nice dark green cover


In the end, there is nothing like home sweet home:



Tom on his favorite nest support with his faithful mate near by with her yap shut for once. The nest looks so good, makes me so sad



Tom still on one leg thinking “I knew it was too good to last, there she goes again”. Roger, save me!!!


Tom doesn’t have anything over Audrey in the one-legged department:


DSC_0523 (2)

Aargh, matey! I must have been a pirate’s parrot in a previous bird life. All I need is an eye patch


Calico Tom The Fishing Fool has been living up to his name:

DSC_0525 (2)

Enjoying a fish snack on another favorite haunt, the swim ladder two docks to the south


DSC_0526 (2)

The lighting isn’t very good for photos, but Tom can see his fish just fine



Back to the nest with my fish, get that crazy woman away from me!




Audrey grabbed the bottom half of the fish, and got out of dodge while the gettin’ was good


This photo makes me smile:


Is anybody in there?


Another fish bites the proverbial dust when Calico Tom The Fishing Fool comes to call, and another visit to the swim ladder:



What do you think of these wings, Mrs. COM? Bet you can’t catch me!



Not impressed? Well, watch this…………….


DSC_0533 (2)

Tom has had it with Mrs. COM, takes his fish and heads north to be alone


As I mentioned earlier, today was one of the prettiest days we have had this spring at the secret location.  I woke up to a retching cat around 5:00 a.m., and happened to look out the window at a lovely sunrise.  Although I could have easily turned over, closed my eyes and let nature take its course outside, I decided to make you all proud.  I was a vision of loveliness in my pink robe and flipflops on the end of the dock.  I am sure the watermen who were out crabbing were blinded by my ethereal presence.  You can decide whether or not you want to thank Felix for coughing up that hairball at 5:00 a.m.



Sunrise at the secret location on Sunday morning, June 4th



Do you think the waterman has his binoculars trained on me?  If not, he’s missing his opportunity to gaze upon my pink robe


Tom was out fishing, as he frequently does early in the morning.



You’ll have to take my word for it, this is Calico Tom The Fishing Fool with his morning breakfish


Audrey was patiently waiting for her share of breakfish:



Audrey on the nest just after sunrise


DSC_0606 (2)

Waiting for the fish delivery man early on Sunday morning




I don’t think the waterman was paying any attention to my pink robe, he had crustaceans on his mind


As I was leaving the dock, I noticed a friend observing me from Osprey Girl’s boat davits:



One of the tree swallows that lives in the bluebird house in my garden


Mother Nature has not been kind to us the past couple of osprey seasons, but especially mean this year.  I guess we have to take the good with the bad, what choice do we have?

Here is the good:


Wow, just wow!


Before I close, I want to comment on the situation at the Severna Park nest, where the littlest chick is being pecked by an older and bigger sibling, and doesn’t seem to be getting as much food as the other chicks.  For those of you who were with us during the 2013 season, you probably remember that we had the same situation with our youngest chick, Ozzie.  We were all sure that Ozzie would succumb to the lack of food and attacks from siblings.  I also wrote a couple of blogs that addressed the situation.  But in the end, Ozzie thrived and lived to fledge with his siblings.  He was also the subject of Ozzie’s rescue, when he became tangled in fishing line and was freed by COM.  Dr. Spitzer discussed the third chick problems in the blog “Reflections”, published on June 5, 2013.  There are also other references to the third chick, who was eventually named Ozzie, in several other blogs from the 2013 season, which are available in the archives.  Take a look at some of the blogs, but particularly “Reflections”.  Remember, our Ozzie made it, so keep your fingers crossed for the Severna Park third chick!

That’s it for tonight.  I will keep my camera handy, and for your viewing pleasure, will memorialize what Tom and Audrey are doing as empty nesters.

Until next time, we remain-

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl


If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one.  Go to today.  Thanks very much!











102 thoughts on “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

  1. Rewind & look @ approx. 4:40 to see the enormous tree that was brought in. They’re really building a fortress. Maybe in anticipation of a 2nd set of eggs?

  2. Hello osprey lovers! Think the excitement of today with the delivery of a new yellow ribbon we all needed! Like a breath of fresh air! I bet Audrey was yapping more lately as she was telling Tom to get a move on and pick up that yellow ribbon stick-maybe it got hidden a bit with the lawn mowing?? Well all is so pretty at the nest at this time as always=Audrey looks like she is a model posing with the breeze blowing her feathers=at one time she seems to close her eyes and enjoy the moment. Well as I always say another safe and healthy day for the famous osprey couple. adios moe from perfect temperature today cape cod

  3. What a beautiful day. Audrey is sitting on the nest enjoying the sunshine. But where is pink ribbon #2–and I don’t see the famous yellow ribbon. Maybe Audrey is sitting on it. I hope you all have a peaceful day.

  4. For shame on me for not posting yesterday about the osprey I love Audrey and Tom! I did realize camera issues but at night I saw the love couple cozy for a bit! The prettiest part of the day is the morning with the glistening glow of the water and the tricks it plays on your mind as to what you see!! Nest empty at this time. May their be safety and healthy osprey today. adios moe from gorgeous and no humidity cape cod

  5. Well another Friday date night with Audrey and Tom!! Everyone have a great weekend and wave to an osprey is u see one!! adios moe from cool cape cod


  7. Well osprey lovers-HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads on board this crew and a big shout out to Major Tom-can u hear me buddy as next year will be the great year for you and Queen Audrey!! Enjoy the steamy day on the nest Audrey and Tom-I love both of you!! adios moe from cloudy cape cod in the 70’s

  8. Good morning and I see Audrey sitting smack in the middle of the nest and enjoying the view as saw she must have a full stomach as fish delivered prior. I saw her solo couple times during the night! Well another safe and healthy day yesterday. Have a great day friends! adios from moe where the sun on cape cod is working overtime to come out!!

    • boy my brain wasn’t looking at he highlights spot area where u can see on picture/ rather than live cam when I posted above-sorry-must be camera issues again!!

  9. Do they put on the highlights when the live cam is down? If not, is there a way to get the live cam back in place of the highlights?

  10. Live camera this morning. Audrey was perched on the side of the nest trying to decide if she really wants to sit on that soggy nest. Now she’s doing a little rearranging. Have a good day.

    • YES I just see her in the center of nest, yellow ribbon, and she is yapping away so all is good on the nest!! another day of safety and health for Audrey and Tom!! ADIOS moe from cape cod drizzleland now

  11. She’s singing, “There’s no place like home”, on this beautiful morning. (and breakfast would be nice).

  12. Good beautiful morning. Audrey is on the nest grooming, enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. Let’s all make this a good day.

    • Oh yes it is a wonderful first day of SUMMER day!! see the famous osprey couple did some bonding,decorating and blah blah and I think the yellow ribbon is covered up but not sure with the sun blast on the nest! Might have to give a shout out for another ribbon!! enjoy the day adios moe from soon to be more people on cape cod for the summer season!

  13. good evening to all! I just hopped on the webcam and saw Audrey and Tom and Tom flying off. Both look healthy and happy and safe for another day!! adios moe from beautiful cape cod

  14. Just checked on the nest–it’s empty and I don’t see the yellow ribbon. Maybe it got knocked into the water. Hope you are all having a good day.

    • hey i see the yellow ribbon now but most of all i hear audrey yapping her little heart off and she is still rearranging the furniture. i did see tom was there several times. nest is so pretty and another day so far of good health for them and safety also. adios moe from pretty cape cod

  15. Yap Yap! At this time I see Queen Audrey sitting so proud on their nest and looks windy. Saw that Tom was around so another day of health and safety!! Sweet dreams. adios from a great cape cod day moe

  16. Beautiful morning at the secret location. Audrey is on the nest eating a big fish–and I can see the yellow ribbon in the left back of the nest. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • And I am just watching that also-a beauty of a fish for a beauty of an osprey-breeze blowing and Tom apparently has been fishing!! enjoy the same adios moe from rain to come soon cape cod

  17. good morning to all the osprey lovers!! can’t ask for anything more than a gorgeous all around summer day-another safe and healthy day yesterday! Saw date night last night so all is good with Audrey and Tom!! adios moe from cape cod where should be a boat day to check on the ospreys!

  18. Hello world!! I see an empty nest now with low tide as u can see the bottom! I did see Audrey bringing in 2 talons full of green nest material-their devotion will never end. Tom is also such a trooper and provider. Well enjoy the day and once again health and safety for Audrey and Tom for another day!! ADIOS moe from summertime cape cod at 75 degrees.

  19. Good Morning – Another beautiful day and Audrey is sitting on the nest enjoying the sunshine. Let’s all make this a good day.

  20. Hey Audrey I bet u are looking for Tom now-u wait so patiently and lots of the time Tom is sitting right on the bucket and we can’t see him. Audrey caught a huge fish suppertime as was posted. Well looks like another gorgeous day on the Chesapeake Bay and Audrey and Tom look healthy and safe so all is well. night. adios moe from beautiful cape cod

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