Sweet Sixteen

Good afternoon from the sunny, brisk Eastern Shore of Maryland!  We have had a very pleasant winter here at the secret location.  With only one snowy day in January (which was on a Saturday and didn’t last very long), Mother Nature has been very kind to us. More about that in my next blog, but suffice to say, we are very happy not to have the expense and aggravation of having to put up a new pole and platform this year.

Better late than never, they say, so here is the much overdue wrap-up of our 2016 season, just in time for the 2017 season to begin. The camera is up and operational, and we expect it will go live this week.  We have a new source of some funding this year, and I know you will be very happy with the camera image, including a new infrared light source.  With that said, please enjoy a stroll down memory lane, back to February 2016.

We had a fairly pleasant winter in 2015-2016, with no new pole or platform needed.  A welcome addition of an infrared light source for night viewing was installed on the camera mount by COM. Our good friend Peter Turcik from the Chesapeake Conservancy came to the secret location to help COM put the camera back up after it spent a peaceful winter in the garage.  As we weren’t expecting any action back on the platform until around St. Paddy’s day, the camera was scheduled to be installed on March 9.  However, much to our chagrin (and delight, of course), our first osprey showed up on March 8!  I was home from work the day of the camera installation, and was able to photograph the series of steps required to put the camera back on the pole. You can take a look at the “Hello Ospreys, Good Bye Swans” blog, published 3/17/16, for the full series of photos. Here are a few photos to jog your memory about all the hard work it takes to get the camera operational each year:


Com and Peter carrying the fourteen foot stepladder to the end of the dock. Peter is wearing his Chesapeake Conservancy osprey shirt!



The stepladder is going into the water off the dock.



COM has the cables down to the junction box. Note how gracefully he stands on one leg, sort of like our osprey



Maneuvering the camera to go up the pole



Getting closer-Don’t drop it now!



Mission accomplished!


Audrey didn’t waste any time getting back to the platform after the camera was up:


Did you ever feel like you were being watched?


As I previously said, our first osprey of the 2016 season was spotted on March 8, earlier than usual and a day before the camera was on the pole.  There was much speculation about the true identity of this first osprey, as we had several early visitors those first few weeks.  After many days of careful observation, we officially welcomed back our beautiful girl Audrey!


Audrey in the scraggly stick tree next door to the north



Audrey on the nest with a good view of the camera set-up. The infrared (IR) light is mounted just below the camera on the vertical support



Audrey picking up a prefab nest stick in the COF’s backyard


The drama started early in the 2016 season, as we had many early visitors to the nest platform.   Many questions about gender, actions and intent of these avian visitors were posed by our astute camera watchers.  The experts were contacted about the unusual activity we were seeing.  Our dear friend and osprey expert, Dr. Paul Spitzer, gave us a lesson in some of the fundamentals to successful nest building, two of the most important being the male bringing food to the female and engaging in cooperative nest building.  We did not witness either of these behaviors until the real Tom (our beloved Calico Tom, The Fishing Fool) finally returned to his summer residence on March 31 after fighting an aerial battle with one of the earlier visitors.  The “A Real Head Scratcher” blog, published 3/28/16, has more details about what was going on and many photos.


Audrey and the mysterious stranger on the nest



Audrey is asking Tom why they left warm South America to come to Maryland


Early on during the 2016 season, we experienced problems with the camera and sound, which was discouraging for everyone.  The problems were fixed with help from the Chesapeake Conservancy and our other partners.  During the time before the “And The Weather Gods Were Angry” blog, published 4/11/16,  we experienced some very rotten, cold and windy early April weather, which was the cause of great concern.  Tom and Audrey would take refuge in the trees, and would not be seen at the growing nest. This was a trying time for all!  One morning, they were spotted on the riprap, trying to stay out of the wind.  We hadn’t seen this happen before.


Tom gets closer to Audrey on the riprap. I was surprised they let me get close, although I was using a very long lens


April brought a very disturbing incident when a plastic bag Audrey picked up became wrapped around her leg, just before she was due to lay her first egg.  Ospreys have a habit of bringing back all sorts of stuff to the nest, but the bag she found and brought back could have had disasterous consequences.  Fortunately, Audrey managed to pick the bag off of her leg before she laid her first egg on 4/17/16. Her second egg was laid on 4/20/16.  Check out “Patience Is A Virtue”, published 4/21/16, for the rest of the story and photos.

Audrey with the plastic bag wrapped around her leg. This was very hard to watch:


Audrey is either looking at me for help or getting ready to get out of Dodge



Our beautiful Tom and Audrey in the late afternoon sun before the first egg was laid


The third egg was laid on 4/23/16, and then late April and early May brought more than 15 continuous days of rain at the secret location.  On Thursday, 5/6/16, everyone began to notice that Audrey had not been seen since the day before.  COM went back over the recordings of the nest, and determined that Audrey had left the nest at 2:00 p.m. on 5/5, and had not yet returned.  Tom had taken over the incubating duties just after Audrey left, and sat on the eggs all through the night of 5/5, until he also left at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.  At that time, there were three eggs in the nest, the temperature was forty seven degrees and it was steadily raining.  Once again, the experts were contacted about the fate of the unattended eggs, and the news was not encouraging. Audrey returned to the nest at 2:48 p.m. on Thursday, May 6, without a word as to her whereabouts during the time she was missing for over 24 hours.  After Tom and Audrey had raised two foster chicks (and E.T., of course!) in 2015, plans were put into place to look for foster chicks in the likely occurance that the unattended eggs didn’t hatch.  Take a look at the blog “Beautiful Noise”, published 5/12/16, for the rest of the story.



Time to try to dry off! Tom shaking out his feathers


Tom is enjoying a big menhaden on a rainy day:


Tom is still looking wet, probably from a combination of fishing and the weather. This is as close as I got to him, as I wanted him to eat his dinner before the weather went south on him





Squawking Audrey, probably squawking about the sun being in her eyes during the one bit of sun we had in the last 15 days


On 5/27/16, after being exposed to forty seven degree weather in the pouring rain for seven hours, our first egg hatched 40 days after it was laid  The second egg hatched two days later on 5/29/16.  Dr. Spitzer said we were making history once again at our nest. He did not know of any scientific studies about ospreys that addressed what had happened at our nest.  Our infrared light source was working well, although some tweaking was needed as the light was a little too intense.  All seemed right in our little osprey world.  “History In The Making” was the name of the blog that was published on 5/31/16.



Gorgeous sky the last day of May 2016. Audrey is in the nest with Chick #1 and Chick #2. Tom is chilling somewhere in the neighborhood


Little did I know that while I was writing and published that blog, a tragedy was in the making right outside at the nest.  Reports were coming in that an unusual loud crashing noise had been heard on the camera at around 10:00 p.m.on 5/31, and that Audrey was quite agitated.  We checked the nest at first light, and our greatest fears were realized.  Only one chick and the unhatched egg remained in the nest.  COM checked the camera footage from Tuesday night.  The noise that was heard was caused by a large dark shape, probably a Great Horned Owl, that had attacked Audrey from behind, causing her to be knocked off the nest.  During the attack, one of the chicks either fell out of the nest with Audrey or was snatched by the owl.  Audrey sat on the remaining egg for a couple of days, then ate it, with the theory being it had been damaged in the attack.  Our joy at having three eggs laid with two being hatched under such extreme conditions were dashed.  Our faithful osprey experts were once again consulted.  Craig Koppie suggested that we place a scarecrow on the dock to try to repel any future attacks.  Those of you who have been following my blog for the past four years know that nothing makes COM any happier than a good, challenging project.  Out to the garage he went, and a couple of hours later emerged our new friend and Protector of Osprey Chicks, Roger:



Roger, protector of ospreys, at his original location at the beginning of the dock


A few days later, during a visit from our dear Cape Cod osprey lovers and friends Maureen and Gene, COM relocated Roger to the end of the dock:



Roger has been relocated to the end of the dock to be closer to the nest. Maureen and Gene from Cape Cod have stopped by for a visit



Roger doing his thing. He looks like he is doing a little dance


June also brought a rare sighting for us in the middle Chesapeake Bay, pelicans!


We heard the fishing is good in the Chesapeake Bay this time of year

Check out the blog “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”, published 6/30/16, for some fun reading.

We had a brutally hot July 2016, during which time our osprey chick was named Chessie by our loyal camera watchers.  On 7/11/16, Chessie received a beautiful new blue band from Craig Koppie.  The blog “Big Blue”, published 7/19/16, is dedicated to that day, with lots of great photos from the banding process.  Here are just a few of many:


Craig comes back down to readjust the ladder, being watched by Audrey the entire time



Chessie has been eating her Wheaties! What a wingspan!





COM is waiting patiently for the package



Craig gets stung by a jellyfish. Chessie is thinking it serves him right, and cheers on the jellyfish



Chessie has been freed from the towel. From the look of things, I think Craig has held a bird or two in his day




Craig hands the tape to COM.



COM, Chessie and Craig with Roger, protector of the nest. And a fine protector he was, indeed!


For the rest of July 2016, we were all waiting for the big moment when Chessie would first take flight.  During the wait, we were having all sorts of technical problems, making it difficult to take photos and write a blog.  The very hot, humid weather was causing my camera lens to fog up every time I went outside to take photos.  In addition, on the advice of our computer guru, I switched to Windows 10, which wreaked havoc on my ability to download and use photos in the blogs.  Extreme frustration prevailed in the Crazy Osprey Family household. COM was quite perturbed when the infrared light source stopped working, as there was no way to fix it until the camera came down in the fall after all of our osprey family headed to their winter digs.  But our problems melted away for a little while when Chessie fledged on 7/21/16.



Audrey is watching Chessie trying to get her balance



Yapping away on COM’s boatlift motor



What is different about this photo?

In the above photo, Audrey is sitting on top of the camera, and Tom is in the nest. This was the opposite of their usual positions.

This is one of my favorite photos from the 2016 season, taken in July:


Somewhere over the rainbow……………………

More photos and escapades of Chessie may be found in the blog “The Chessie Chronicles Part 1”, published 7/31/16.

Alas, our 2016 season was coming to an end.  Our dear Audrey departed for her winter quarters in South America.  It wouldn’t be long until Tom and Chessie began their arduous trip to warmer climes.  Mysteriously, COM’s infrared light source began working again. Another season of wonderful osprey adventures was almost over.



Tom in the scraggly stick tree



Chessie and Audrey in the scraggly stick tree

“The Chessie Chronicles, Part 2”, published 8/31/16, will fill you in on the rest of the season.

Our 2016 season totaled over 100,000 blog views, bringing our total views to date since the inception of the blog in 2013 to well over 500,000.  The camera was viewed from over 70 countries all over the world.  In May 2016, Tom and Audrey starred in a National Geographic television show “United States of Animals”, as part of the Nat Geo Wild series.  In October 2016, our dear friend and raptor biologist, Craig A. Koppie, along with his co-author Dr. Teena Ruark Gorrow, published “Inside An Osprey’s Nest”. Through incredible photographs and words, this book tells the story of our 2015 season, starring Tom, Audrey, Maine, Montana and E.T.  It is available to purchase through the Chesapeake Conservancy website.

Before I end our Sweet Sixteen, I have some great news to share.  Last April, a very hard decision was made to stop allowing comments on our blog.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the comments, as well as the camaraderie that was developed through these interactions. It was sad not to have the comments, and something seemed to be missing.  After careful consideration and some cajoling by yours truly, it was decided that we would start allowing comments again.  To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the blog, some rules are being put into place for guidance in posting comments.  It is unfortunate we have to do this, but our only two options are not allowing comments or following the below rules.

Osprey Camera Blog Comment Rules

No stalking or harassing another person, dominating a conversation, discouraging participation by others, or mocking, baiting, bickering, taunting or belittling others.

No submission of comments that may be considered abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, offensive or disparaging.

Comments should be limited to topics discussing ospreys, osprey nests, other birds, subjects relating to the blog, Chesapeake Bay, nature, etc.  Limited comments about personal matters will be permitted, but long missives about someone’s personal life should not be posted.

The moderator of the blog reserves the right to remove/disapprove any comment for any reason, without having to explain these actions.  

Anyone continually ignoring the above rules will be banned from future comments without further explanation.

Thank you for your understanding and complying with the rules.  We are trying to have the blog and comments remain a wonderful experience to be shared by all.  If the rules don’t work out, comments may be permanently banned.  I am very excited that the comments are returning, so please try hard to be good!

That’s enough for now!  Get ready for another fascinating season with Tom and Audrey.  Who knows what drama will prevail this year?  Welcome back!

Until next time, we remain,

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl

If you are enjoying the osprey camera and blog, please consider a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy so they are able to continue supporting programs such as this one.  Go to http://chesapeakeconservancy.org today.  Thanks very much!








117 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Look forward to the coming season!

    Donna and the poodles MACH3 Marweg Silver Bentley, MXC, MJC, NF, BN, RE, CGC, ThD, UR01, NW1 Memories Lyca Frankie, BN, MX, MXJ, RE, XF, CGC, T2B, NW1

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wow! Fantastic! Thank you Mrs. COM, great re-cap of the events of last year, and the photos are amazing as always. I hope that the COF are all well and looking forward to a great Oprey season. I’m so excited that the long wait is almost over, I forgot that we had early Osprey arrivals last year, so Audrey and Tom could show up any day, oh my!
    Thank you COF and CC.
    Welcome back!

  3. Oh yes another mission completed to allow me and so many other viewers to join in the AUDREY and TOM Romance for the 2017 season🤗 So glad the comments are returning as the osprey experience is a great learning experience for all involved and we feel like a big osprey family 🤗Well make sure Mr. Roger is dusted off and ready to entertain us!! Bravo for COM and helper in reinstalling the camera in the cold! And this blog wouldn’t be complete without Mrs.COM gorgeous photographs throughout the season. I’ve heard that Crazy Osprey Girl is doing well👍Thanks again and I hope all involved enjoy the ride as they say💫🦅🦅🎢🎢 p.s and I hope the colored sticks are ready!

  4. Thank you for the return of comments. I check in throughout the day and I loved using the comments to catch up on what had happened while I was gone. With no comments last year, it was harder to find out what was going on. Thanks!


  6. Thank you so much for bringing the “Comments” back. I look forward to the upcoming season with the osprey, osprey friends (old and new), Crazy Osprey Family and The Chesapeake Conservancy. Cheers to you all! Hurry back home Audrey and Tom 🙂

  7. Thanks for bringing back the blog! Have followed for several years and have learned much from posters. Mrs COM, your photos and recap were appreciated.

  8. Hello and thank you to the COF for bringing the camera and comments back for us again this season. It’s almost time for our ospreys to return and we will be here to watch and live through it all together.

  9. 1:18pm…. sweet audrey and major tom have been on my mind so I just checked in. Lo and behold I am so blessed to see this blog and find out we will be able to touch base with each other again. Thank you COF and CC for allowing us to be close again. Hello all my fellow bloggers!!!!
    Can’t wait for return of our favorite couple – may they both return to us in good health.
    For the love of the osprey
    geri from md – formerly known as coreygirl……….

    • Beyond HAPPY that comments are being allowed again; things were just not the same without them – specially for the few holdouts like me who refuse to sign up for Facebook. Thank you so much COF for your devotion and for setting up guidelines to continue making this an enjoyable, informative experience for us. Here’s to a wonderful, successful season!

  10. Oh Happy Day! Thank you, thank you COM and Mrs. COM for all your hard work and beautiful pictures. Let the fun begin!

  11. Wonderful to see the blog come alive for the 2017 season. Thank you Mrs. COM. Looking forward to the return of Tom and Audrey and to the return of the comments.

  12. Hey Corey Girl👍 I missed you and I can’t wait to start the 2017 season of Queen Audrey and Major Tom😆😆🤗🤗I have had a few months off of poetry writings so I should be ready to rock and roll along their journey🤓🤓

  13. Thank you COF!! So happy to see everyone checking in!! I am so excited for our family to return🐥🐥 ❤️❤️❤️

  14. 8:45am good morning all…… thank you KATHY, barbaralongisland, and moe for remembering me. 2016 was a year I’d rather forget about….. BUT – it’s all about our lovely osprey groove, so I will not digress. Watching the skies daily and enjoying spring popping up everywhere! I look forward to the camera coming live. Comet and I already have started collecting sticks for the nest (LOL!!!)
    For the love of the osprey
    geri from md – formerly known as coreygirl 😎


  16. Thank you so much, Mary. I’ve been checking and I guess my old bookmark doesn’t work anymore. If Tom and Audrey aren’t back, where did the sticks come from?

      • Hopefully, they’ll address that for us in the first blog! But thanks again, if it weren’t for you, I’d still be trying my old unworking bookmark!

  17. Chesapeake Conservancy just posted the following announcement on their FaceBook page:
    “Attention all osprey cam fans! We’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with explore.org, who are our new cam sponsors!
    The cam is now live for the 2017 season!
    According to the Crazy Osprey Family, there are no sightings of Tom and Audrey yet…
    Tom? Audrey? Come home! We are ready for you! We’re looking forward to another great season! Please join us in thanking explore.org and the Crazy Osprey Family for making it possible!

    http://chesapeakeconservancy.org/explore/wildlife-webcams/osprey/. “

  18. 9:15am So happy to see the live camera this morning… The new bookmark is now official. Nice to see the relationship with explore.org. I do believe they handle the osprey nest in Maine also.
    Good morning my fellow birdies!
    For the love of the osprey
    geri from md – formerly known as coreygirl…. 😎

  19. hello to the gang that love the osprey!! i will keep the snow on the cape to keep that nest dry in case Audrey shows up!! this was recently posted on website Chesapeake Conservancy
    1 hr ·
    Attention webcam fans: the links for all of our webcams have changed since we moved to our new website. We provided redirects to the new address, but you may need to do a force refresh (Windows: ctrl + F5
    Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
    Linux: F5). You can also reach all of our webcams through this link: http://chesapeakeconservancy.org/explore/wildlife-webcams/
    Enjoy! i promise to keep the snow away from the nest. adios

  20. Noon = Hello everybirdie!! Hi Bella! Moe – thanks for keeping the actual snow up North, but it did not stop us from having flurries this morning in central Maryland. Still, being from up North so missed seeing snow this past winter season. The nest is above calm waters at the present. Checked last night and the image is sharp!
    Everyone have a great weekend – await the arrival of our lovies.
    For the love of the osprey
    geri from md ~ formerly known as coreygirl 😎

  21. Brrrrrr… it’s soooo cold! Weather forecast at the nest site shows night temps to be in the 20/30’s for the next 10 days. I hope Audrey and Tom don’t show up until it gets warmer. If they were here, you know we would be worried to death.

  22. Good Morning!
    I hope Tom and Audrey are having a nice warm layover in Florida for a week or two, before they head home, it’s too cold for them.

    • Good morning!!!
      Yes, Lillie! Looks like a Nor’easter may bury the mid-Atlantic & New England with heavy snow next week.
      I guess we can’t complain as we’ve had beautiful weather here this winter. Positive thoughts for all of our gorgeous feathered friends.

  23. good morning to all! well i guess the snow fairy knew to send the snow to cape to ease anxiety of Audrey and Tom’s nest!! the nest is pretty this am with the sun glowing on the waters over to the right. the sticks seemed to be present still. well enjoy the day and i will keep the snow with me!! p.s. i thought i saw a single swan dipping on right this am!!

  24. 7:10pm – Calm yet cold day here in central maryland. Keep hearing about snow possibly next week. Still have the boots handy…. Be well all
    For the love of the osprey
    geri from md ~ formerly known as coreygirl 😎


  26. Good afternoon A&T lovers 🐥💕🐥. So Happy they are waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer, Oh they would freeze their feathers off, and we would all be so worried about them as we do for our sweet little family. Have a wonderful day everyone. COF~~DTF

  27. Good afternoon to all you osprey lovers! Throughout the osprey season I like to share some poetic songs switched around to document the happenings around Audrey and Tom’s nest on the Chesapeake Bay at the secret location maintained by Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs.Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl!! Here we go on the rollercoaster of 2017 adventures of Audrey and Tom!! The First one is for AUDREY

    Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree—
    the song sung by Tony Orlando and Dawn from way back 1973
    Here we go!!

    I’m comin’ home, I’ve done my time
    Now I’ve got to know what is and isn’t mine
    If you heard my yakking telling you I wanted thee
    Then you’ll know just what to do
    If you still want me, if you still want me
    Whoa, tie a orange ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    It’s been one long year, do you still want me?
    If I don’t see a ribbon round the ole stick tree
    I’ll stay in the air, forget about us, put the blame on me
    If I don’t see a orange ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    COM family, please look for me
    ‘Cause I couldn’t bear to see what I might see
    I’m really still in transition and my love,TOM holds the key
    Whoa, tie a orange ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    It’s been one long year, do you still want me?
    If I don’t see a ribbon round the ole stick tree
    I’ll stay in the air, forget about us, put the blame on me
    If I don’t see a orange ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    Now the whole damned blog is cheerin’
    And I can’t believe I see
    A hundred orange ribbons round the ole stick tree
    I’m comin’ home
    Tie a ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    Tie a ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    Tie a ribbon ’round the ole stick tree
    Tie a ribbon ’round the ole stick tree and blah blah as I always say!! adios moe

  28. My fellow bird / nature lovers, I have been studying Ospreys as an amateur for about 20yrs. I live about 10 mi. up the Rappahannock River. I am rather concerned that the birds are not arriving as of Mar.12. Traditionally they have their nesting sites manned between 3/1 and 3/7 with some female stragglers showing up a little later. Currently there are 6 boxes on my creek, all empty except for the pair in the box at the end of my dock. The eagles are very aware of this anomaly as they will team up on my guy as he has no defense partners who will keep the eagles at bay. From my experience the weather has no effect on their body clocks. Today I fed the birds as food is hard to come by this time of year. Just wanted to give them a little more stamina to ride out the coming storm. Please let me know if anyone else is observing the same situation.. Thank you

  29. 9:15am – good morning everybirdie!! Moe – a classic to start our new season out with – bravo, bravo (clapping!).
    Tom – thank you for reporting your observances – please keep them coming …. lets hope the osprey are behind the Nor’ Easter we are expecting tonight into tomorrow in our Maryland. We thought all this warm weather would bring them to us earlier, and now I am hoping they are not going to be in the middle of the two storms systems they anticipate converging into each other tonight. Be well and safe Audrey and Tom on your journey…..
    and may the first mushers in the Iditarod find their way into Nome safe and sound also!
    Peace all!
    geri from md ~~ formerly known as coreygirl 😎

    • Tom: I too have a nest on the end of my pier, I’m on the Magothy, and my osprey didn’t come back last year until March 16, so I’m not worried about that, but, I am concerned that twice now I have seen an eagle in the nest. Hope he decides to leave before the osprey come back.


  31. Good morning! Oh I do hope that Audrey and Tom got the word from the telephone wires (isn’t that how they communicate?) I though as a kid they sat on them to chatter. I went to Amelia Island last week did not see any around. So glad that we are back on track!! Wing HugsTo All!


  33. Prior to the “night time view”, we were seeing a black screen. Haven’t seen any comment from CC regarding the situation, while in past seasons they always seemed to be on top of things. If the service doesn’t improve, we may miss a lot of milestone events!

  34. 12:30pm ~ good afternoon my birdies!! Cold grips our Maryland, and St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. Audrey we hope to see you soon. I’m not a facebooker, so if anyone sees any update on her arrival there can you please pass it along to the blog comments
    merci beaucoup…… Be well
    geri from md ~ formerly known as coreygirl 😎

  35. I am so happy that comments are allowed again since I do not ‘FaceBook”. I really missed everyone’s input last year. I haven’t seen the neighborhood ospreys on Rock Creek or at Ft. Smallwood Park.
    Has anyone read James Michener’s book Chesapeake? One of the characters claims that ospreys return to the Bay by St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure if that is always the case, but tomorrow is St. Pat’s!
    It is great seeing comments from “the regulars”, like a reunion of old friends! Thank you to the COF for all of the time and effort to keep things going for another season.

  36. Good afternoon Osprey friends! Just saw some swans paddle by the nest. Seems pretty windy, the nest is rock in’ and rollin’. All the ribbons are gone too. I certainly hope it warms up soon for the return of our sweet couple. 🐥💕🐥
    Have a wonderful day! COF~~DTF

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