They’re Back!!!!

Good afternoon from the lovely Eastern Shore of Maryland!  This is a quick news flash:  I just got home from work, and there is a lovely osprey sitting on the bare platform eating a great big fish.  COM has been working on the camera since Sunday when we returned home from a trip to Florida, and we have a surprise for all of the camera watchers out there.  With some help from the Conservancy, the plan is for the camera to go up tomorrow.

The light is not very good, so all I can say is that there is an osprey in residence, with no further characterization. That’s all for now, I was so excited I just had to share!  Stay tuned for an update……………..

COM, Mrs. COMomma and Osprey Girl

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  1. Good afternoon to all- In DMV (DC, MD, VA) all eyes today are on the Bald Eagle Cam at the National Arboretum….The first lady and Mr. President ‘s eggs are due to hatch any day now, and one egg has a small hole in it today! It’s a chilly, rainy day in DC today……check it out if you get a chance. They say we may have a hatchling by the end of today! I see no osprey on the cam right now, no falcons in view either…..I hope when I get home from work, there are some there! I saw the two osprey again last night on the road sign at Wayson’s Corner….We worry about those two each year! FTLOBDs! 😎

  2. Drama on the NE Florida eagle cam. Yesterday eaglets Liberty & Justice went out on the branches near the nest and were there for quite a while. I missed seeing Liberty get back to nest and Justice go down to a lower branch. The nightly Tuck in report said Justice was still on a branch. Still there now- can be seen on cam 3 below and to left of nest, and on cam 2 from above. The eaglets have not fledged yet.

    • thanks for sharing–so lucky have noticed some nesting going through cracks and can see under the platform and i bet the little birds notice and add to that real quick to get a roof over their heads adios cape cod moe

    • Thanks, Bella. I remember very well the heart palpitations from all of the wingersizing by Maine & Montana last year. Seems that eagle is ready to fledge for real any second!

    • I was watching, too, Bella.You could hear a second crow on the camera while the first one was looking for a snack and rearranging the nest. When the second one came down it tried to pick up one of the ties. It stayed around for the longest time! Pesky things! Egg snatchers! I know God makes all creatures but I think he must have had a bad day and was very tired when he created crows and Blue Jays, also egg snatchers.

      They’re back! Where is Audrey? She can’t be nereby or she would see them.


    • Thank goodness she’s back. She doesn’t seem disturbed by the rearranged nest. She looks plumper! She may just have her feathers fluffed or she MAY have eaten a lot of fish.

  4. 7:36pm no birdy here!! There are a few more sticks than the last time I looked, but no Audrey at this moment. Good evening everybody!!!
    For the love of the osprey! 😎

  5. I got to see Audrey this afternoon! She is BEAUTIFUL! I’m worried about Liberty and Justice. Justice was branching and flew a bit down too far. Has been there all day…no food. I hope he puts his big boy wings on and flies up to the nest he is pretty far down you can see him on cam 3. See y’all tomorrow sleep tight!

  6. where is he on the tree Fran? I’m looking at CAM three and it looks like I see a white head as if it’s mom or dad. I tried to read the chat to see if anyone was concerned but I didn’t see anything about it.

  7. beautiful audrey sitting proud! a tina turner song comes to mind PROUD MARY

    Left a warm place down south
    Waiting for Tom ev’ry night and day
    And I never lost one minute of sleepin’
    Worryin’ ’bout the way things are gonna be with Tom

    Big wind keep on blowing
    Proud Audrey keep on waiting’
    Standing,standing,standing on the perch
    Standing,standing,standing on the perch etc. cape cod moe

    • He is on a branch… sad… I hope he figures it out soon. Chat has they have never had this happen said hopefully he will figure it out and go up or down. I have prayers out to Saint Francis.

      • I think he’ll be o.k. (fingers crossed!) Mod’s said that parents will feed him/her on the branch if necessary, and if he gets hungry enough, he’ll figure out how to get back to the nest. If he (G. Forbid) should fall – they have people there that can check him out for injuries. Guess all we can do is hold our breath!

  8. Moe! you must have been a singer/song writer in your past life, you are amazing! That was the best one yet! I just Love it! 🙂

    • It’s good to see Audrey on the nest. At least when I looked she wasn’t there last night and I’m not even certain about the previous night.

  9. Good morning! I saw Audrey this morning for a minute. She was looking into camera thinking I’m looking good! Doesn’t look like she is building the nest anymore. I saw the video Uta posted (THANK YOU) showing her bringing in the sticks with orange ribbon. Have a great day do something fun!


  11. There is an egg in the lower right corner on the peregrine ledge –She may have just laid it! That is almost a month earlier than they had any last year. And finally I saw someone standing sentry on the osprey platform last night — I hope it was Audrey.

    • Thanks for the info Ive – was an interesting article – we all have a place in the scheme of things………….
      For the love of the osprey 😎

  12. Yes, Barb has laid her first egg! She is so beautiful in the sunlight! The egg is beautiful too! Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the first egg hatch all the way! It hatched right at my lunch break! I love the falcons, such beautiful birds! I have not been as fortunate to be tuned in to the osprey cam yet and see Audrey, she’s never there when I can view! FTLOBDs 😎

  13. Just tuned in to the FL Eagle Cam – I don’t know which bird is which, but one of the young eagles(black head) was eating a squirrel! I viewed all 3 cams and could also see one mature eagle on the corner of the nest, and another a bit farther down on a branch……these cams are fascinating to watch!

  14. Hi Susan, that’s Justice and he fell out of the nest. See what Bonnie wrote at 9:45 this morning, according to the moderators, they say Romeo and Juliet will take care of him if he doesn’t figure out how to get back up there.

  15. Good afternoon to all my friends. I hope you are all having a fantabulous day! And are SMILING! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. WHEW! O.K. I can Breathe!
    He made it back to nest! Mods said mom was in the nest with food to tempt him to come back! (They’ve been watching eagles for years – 10+ for some of them! – sounded good to me – and they were right!

  17. Woohoo! Thanks for letting us know Bonnie! So happy to hear. Yes, they do seem very knowledgeable and dedicated to their beloved Romero and Juliet, and eagles in general.
    Way to go mom and dad! 👏🐥💕

  18. Moe!! That’s “our” song….the first song my hubby and I ever danced to….good job! Thanks guys for the good news about Justice, I was worried (of course). Congratulations to Peregrines Barb and Boe!, Gotta check that out too. I hope everyone has a great day!

  19. I was looking in on them around noon I was sad to see Justice still on the branch. I just looked and did a happy dance! WOHOOOOOO the chat this morning said he had a full crop when he flew down. Everyone on the blog is so happy. There will bea video posted soon!

    • J was soo lucky-like the Leprechaun!!!! thanks for sharing HAPPY EARLY ST. PATRICKS DAY OSPREY FRIENDS

  20. 4:04pm – Audrey on the nest doing some housekeeping. Love her!!!
    For the love of the osprey! 😎

    • She has been there for a while! She kept “chirping”, calling out to someone. Is she sensing Tom? or Flirting with other available guys? hum

  21. Ive – she’s calling out “Audrey’s in the house – stay away b*&$#ches!!!!!”
    I’m getting over my cold and feeling a little randy today!
    For the love of the osprey! 😎

  22. I’m loving it! Welcome back.
    From a native Marylander currently living in New Mexico. Missing the salt water and watching osprey out fish me!

  23. Audrey on the perch now might be singing a similar song of Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by several artists!

    I was Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
    I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
    Watching the crows fly in
    And then I watch ’em fly away again, yeah
    I’m sittin’ on the nest in the bay
    Watching the tide roll away
    Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the nest in the bay
    Wastin’ time

    I left my nest in South America
    Landed in the Eastern Maryland Bay
    ‘Cause I’m waiting for my Tom today
    And nothing’s gonna come my way etc etc and the osprey beat goes on cape cod moe

    • Moe – just when I think they can’t get any better you come up with the dock on the bay. Classic – so talonted, so talonted………hugs
      For the love of the osprey! 😎

  24. I just watched the video of Justice making it back into the nest. Thanks so much for sharing Bonnie. It was so beautiful to watch that family calling and the angst in their calls to get that baby back in the nest. I’m sure he was thinking, NO! I’m not ready to go down!, I need to go up!!!! He was greeted and left to eat, you could tell he was starving. They are so loving to one another. I hope and pray we have the same this year as last, a happy, content family, even if a wayward child shows up 🙂
    I hope all my friends are doing great this evening as we watch our gorgeous Audrey waiting for her Tom.
    Sleep well everyone 🙂

  25. Hello to everyone,
    FD hope you are feeling better, Coreygirl, glad you’re recovering and feeling feisty.
    Bonnie, great video clip, thank you for sharing.
    Moe, I love your rendition of a much beloved tune, I see Audrey is sitting there now, definitely humming your song.

    Hello!! to all the new folks checking in, welcome and please share your thoughts and knowledge with us about our beloved osprey, we are all bird and nature lovers, feel welcome.

    Have a nice evening.

  26. Hi Moe! You mentioned that the next round of therapy would start right about when Audrey returned. Has it started? If so how’s it going? Prayers to you and your Superman! 💪💕👍You guys ROCK! you’re always on my mind and in my heart. 🙂

    • And for the love of the health care crew at Dana Faber and The Brigham -our meeting is tomorrow for the exact plan for the planned surgical date of April 8-at this time I will post mostly osprey stuff not personal stuff-short goals reached will be mentioned. My energy even now is totally for my husband and me to guide us through the process which is exhausting in this next step🙌👏🙌👏 this osprey blog clears my mind and enables me to take a breath-Being a nurse 43 years is a blessing. Blah blah
      Gotta get sleeping. And yes we have green stuff to wear. Bella any anyone thanks for remembering👍👍

  27. Just checking in before nighty night. Aud is ever vigilant. She is alert and watching around her. She’s quiet this evening. The nest is developing more at each observation. What another level this night vision camera is going to provide this season. Hey Lillie-bug! FD hope all is well – were you able to get in touch with Renee on Long Island?
    Perhaps a few green-ribboned sticks will be found by Audrey for St Patrick’s day? Be well all – so good to see that old friends are checking in, and saying hello. I was mostly a lurker this winter, but I’m here to say HULLO!!!
    Comet says “woof”.
    For the love of the osprey! 😎

  28. Thanks for responding Moe, and I completely understand. Our beautiful Audrey is back and making her home for her family, that is certainly something to be happy about. Just to see her perched on, what she knows is her brand new platform, to make it home, is awesome👍💕 🐥🐥🐣🐣 🙂

  29. Good morning! I’m saying out loud, get crow just go on now get. He is perched on platform probably looking for the egg from last season. Have a good day need to catch up on my reading!

  30. FD hope you are feeling better! I must say every day when I log in it pops to you thanking me for birthday wishes…I even tried saving at the last page…nope lol here we go again must be your magnetic personality!

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