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  1. Rebecca – the flags on the sticks were placed there by COM. He places the sticks around the secret location when nest building begins. It is his way of knowing that they are using what he has provided to help out with the nest. Sometimes they are yellow.

  2. 11:17 Audrey? & Maine fly in together and Maine has a chunk of fish in his talons. 11:24 and the fish is history, and ET is there now looking for food. Maine is singing the begging song for more food. He’s still very hungry!

  3. That is definitely a cool thing to do. Com ties colored materials to sticks ? what a great idea. Then he can see which ones are used by the osprey family. A little part of him helps to make up the nest. I love it !

    • Many different colors have been used throughout the year. You see them and think, “well that will just {{ stick out}}” but then more housekeeping is done and the ties get buried – part of the homestead……..

  4. Welcome, Mavise! No need to be silent. This is a good group and we care about everyone’s observations, etc. Please join in whenever you want. I was a silent observer for 2 years, but got mouthy this year when I saw the commenters were non-judgmental and very friendly. I look forward every day to watching the family and enjoy everyone’s updates.

  5. i dont know how many of you are aware of a nest at osprey cam @ wetlands ……..there is a chick that will be 5 weeks old tomorrow..he is adorable and taken good care of by his mom and dad ..it is kinda hard to see at times especially at night the night vision makes it look aweful but right now isnt so bad to see him …i do hope you check it out it and to enjoy a lil one since all our others have fledge and will be leaving us soon..: (

    • I tried to view the wetlands CAM but I can’t get it work, it says ” cannot not connect” Is there anything special I need to do Susann?

      • i did get that the first time and all i did was refresh it and then i was able to see it..if that doesnt work i dont know how you can…i do hope you can get it to work ..

  6. Thanks for the information, Susann. This will be a late fledging and will give us a fix once our nest becomes empty.

    • you are very welcome..i go there when our maine and montana are gone for the day..it seems weird to be able to see a lil one…lol now im trying to figure out where i can find some for the fall and winter to watch..om my im so addicted…

      • For Susann – I am addicted to the ospreys too, and have the same thoughts. I don’t know if any ospreys down here in Florida lay eggs in the fall and
        winter. I doubt it. And the most of the nests down here don’t have cameras.

  7. A little one ! Hard to imagine but ours were so small not that long ago ! When ET first came he looked huge to me. Not anymore. They have grown so much !

  8. Hello Mavise, I was quiet the first year I started watching also. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to watch nature at it’s it’s best. Of course it’s rocky once in awhile and whenever we humans get together sometimes there can be some pecking, just like with our birdies. The COM family does an amazing job with the blog, the nest, the Osprey family and all of us….they just let it all play out on every front.
    Have you gone on Facebook to see the great videos and photos that Uta from Germany puts on Chesapeake Conservancy’s page. She’s really captured some amazing video, we all love her and her work.
    Take care, until later.

      • Thank goodness Coreygirl! The bonking was the hardest to watch last year, but little Spitz survived it. I guess my big sister bonked me a few times when we were little, she still wants to bonk me sometimes, but I bonk back!

        Hasn’t this summer gone by fast, seems like only two weeks ago M&M were so little and now they’re practically grown up. I think Uta mentioned that Montana brought a fish back to the nest today, I wonder if she caught it herself?

  9. Looks like that glove has been pecked quite a bit! It looks rough, and I see part of a finger is missing at the end; hopefully, none of our osprey have eaten any of it! I wish it would be knocked out of the nest soon!

  10. I see Maine, not sure who is standing on one leg at the nest! Can’t tell if it’s Audrey, E.T., or if perhaps that leg has a band and it is Montana? I don’t see Eggspresso right now either!

  11. 1:05 pm and Audrey & Maine still on the nest all this time. Maine is still begging for food & Audrey’s just standing there. Maybe Audrey will get tired of hearing Maine and take off and go fishing!

  12. 1:45 and I see Audrey, Maine & Montana on the nest and Montana’s eating a fish!! Poor Maine…..awww. He was so hungry! Maine just flew off, maybe to find Tom. Montana’s still stuffing her face! Audrey;s still there.

    • I wonder why Audrey hasn’t fished for Maine all day? He’s been crying out like crazy and she just stood there. Any ideas? My poor little guy is hungry 😦

  13. Has anyone heard what happened to the osprey fledgling that was rescued from the Bay Bridge last week? I’ve not seen any mention of it on the CC facebook page or the Annapolis Capital webpage.

  14. Audrey loves to fuss with that glove…it has definitely made the rounds all over the nest. Always interesting to see where it will be when I check in.

  15. George and Gracie’s chicks at ospreyzone.com have been named…Ronnie and Sandy (and Pee Wee, for the chick that did not survive).

  16. Hi Susan E. Re: Your post of 12:51 concerning the glove missing part of a finger… I watched Audrey move the glove all around the nest for a minute or so. She just couldn’t seem to find the right spot for it. It seemed like she was trying to move it out of the center and put it on the rim of the nest but it wouldn’t stay. In the process, I think the one fingers got bent underneath. I think the whole glove is still intact and that none of the glove got eaten. Hope this helps any concerns you had.

  17. Susann – thanks for the link to the Wetlands institute osprey cam. Did you scroll down all the way to the bottom? There is a fabulous photo of an osprey catching TWO fish at a time! Amazing shot.

    • when i saw that i thought if only our Tom could do that for Montana and Maine sure would keep down their yappy mouths …lol

  18. And that glove remains intact. You would think it would have blown out of the nest by now. It really is funny to see such an item in a nest. The egg has not been visible lately, but I am sure it is still there. Empty nest right now.

      • Montana on the nest alone right now, getting very dark like a storm is moving in. He looks a bit unsettled, he started to lay down twice that I saw and changed his mind. He’s watching something flying, now chirping, he just finally layed down.

    • 4:23pm – Donna – those are just huge raindrops – it has been coming and going all day here in central Maryland. Montana (who is the girl) is sticking it out.

      • Thanks Coreygirl, glad to know it’s rain, I swore I saw a white pellet sit on the glove for a moment. I hope our little family is safe wherever they are. 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥💕

    • Montana judt flew in, he looks miserable. I bet that hail hurts! 😦 Where are mom’s beautiful wings when you need them.

    • Hails over, and Montana’s shaking out her wings…what a trooper! She needs a blow dryer for her hairdo. What a tough girl to withstand a pelting of hail, I think she takes after Audrey.

  19. That was definitely hail. Poor Montana… looks like a drowned rat. That storm passed through Annapolis about 15 minutes ago but we just had a hard rain. Now the sun is out.

  20. 5:01 PM Tom just delivered a whole fish to the nest. ET was the only one there. He again bit Tom’s talon trying to get the fish when Tom had already dropped it. ET took it and flew away with it.

  21. Me too ! poor babies. Hail ! We had big down pours of rain here on Long Island today. All has cleared now. Strong winds also. I am glad it is clearing there.

  22. Fish delivery by Tom. ET grabbed Tom’s talon instead of the fish in the other talon. Does he need glasses perhaps: Took the fish and got out of the nest pretty quickly. Guess he didn’t want any competition to show up.

  23. Did ET just fly back into the nest with the remainder of his fish? Montana flew in directly after and took it away. You go, girl!

  24. Wasn’t much fish left, so I am not sure ET could have eaten the large fish Tom brought in that quickly. Could Tom have brought his leftovers to her?

  25. Maine back in nest and crying for some food. Watching Montana eating and probably hoping she will share with him. Don’t believe that will happen.

  26. 6:51pm – Still an empty nest – you can barely see the horseshoe crab shell, but just one eye socket is peaking out through some branches…… heee heee ~~~ 6:56 – rain starting again!
    HEY EVERYBODY!!! We have had so many more contributors to the blog as the last two months have flown along. Before long we won’t be tuning in every day (at least until next March). I am interested in seeing where everyone resides to see what kind of large community we have. I’m going to guess that Uta is one of the furthest away (she doesn’t contribute to this blog, but has been dynamite in supplying blow by blow information about feedings etc on the Chesapeake Conservancy Facebook page. Uta is from Germany.
    I am Coreygirl and I live in Laurel, which is in Howard County, Maryland – considered central Maryland.
    NEXT !!!!

  27. Have you noticed that you can tell who is approaching the nest when you hear the screeching, earlier I said that sounds like Montana and it was and later I heard what sounded like Maine and it was him, that’s so cool.

    • and no one sounds like our beloved Audrey! Remember the low muttering chirps Tom used to do while sitting on the eggs – our lovely community gave him many nervous quotes about how he wasn’t doing it right, or “what will Audrey think!!!”

      • Hi! I’m Maureen-just a seasoned RN-less than 4 years until my staff nursing retirement-who is so fortunate to live on Good Old Cape Cod full time now! When u read this Mrs.Com-u mentioned a trip this way in August?Would like to meet u and your family-of course your special osprey family can come too!! I want to show u a osprey nest in Osterville that was built this year on the front of a beautiful harbor boat and therefore the owners have not been able to use! What a bummer!Adios friends!🏄🚣🏻🏊🚴😎👣👣👣👣

    • Yes..most the time I cannot watch but I listen..and if the noise reaches new levels I come to see. LOL

  28. Renee from Point Lookout, NY. Yes Lillie they do seem to have their own distinct sound. It is amazing. I will try and guess next time I hear them.

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