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  1. Natalie aka Featherdog (sometimes “featherdog1” when WordPress chooses!) from Edgewater MD (7 mi south of Annapolis, on Almshouse Creek off of the South River, Chesapeake Bay Western shore!

  2. What a great idea Coreygirl. I hope everyone responds. I would love to know where all are from. I have been to Ocean Beach many times. Also remember watching the wild horses by the ocean. Can’t spell that island !!! When I visit my brother in Delaware I always go into the Ocean Beach area.

  3. Mrs. COMomma! Last year you had blogs in September, November & December. I missed Nov & Dec because I had no idea you were still blogging after the family went south for the winter. Do you plan to do so again this year? Is there any celebration planned for the end of the season? I live close so I can attend and many others may be able to do so also. I volunteer if you need any help getting it going…Thanks!

      • I’m originally from Long Island, now I live in Florida, but we are seriously considering moving back to the NE, miss it way too much. This was a great idea Coreygirl, I hope everyone jumps on board! 🙂

  4. I wish I could post a picture of the nest right now! The setting sun has turned the sticks in the nest to a cuddly warm brown-orange. Oh, I wish I could share it! I can get a screen shot but not post it. Hope you’re watching now…

  5. Donna checking in. I’m a Virginia girl at heart raised in Virginia Hills, VA. Several moves and many years later, I hail from Novi, located in southeastern MI. Have vacationed many times on Chesapeake Bay – love it down there…………..NEXT – WHERE ARE YOU FROM?

    • Marleen, Eggspresso is under the glove. I find it really interesting how that glove makes it all around that nest, never goes over, but finds its way back to incubate the egg, often. And it’s Maine’s favorite thing to lay on. Just saying there is a tie there. Something or someone is always keeping eggspresso safe and part of the family. 🙂 yup I know WAY over humanized that one! 🐣💕

      • LOL … thank you, Bella. I was worried. That glove has definitely made the rounds and the egg is the survivor. Miss seeing the whole family together. How relative life is because I recently became a “empty nestor”. lol 🙂

  6. I was born in Titusville, PA, birthplace of the oil industry where oil was first successfully drilled August 27, 1859. It’s south of Lake Erie. We moved to D.C. in the late forties, then to Silver Spring, MD and finally to Annapolis. You couldn’t pry me loose! Joan may be the farthest away but I’ll bet I’m the oldest–86!

  7. I live in NW FL, not far from the beautiful Gulf and the nest at Wolf Bay. 3 successfully fledged chicks – yay! I was born near Boston (so watched the nest at Wood’s Hole) and my sis lives on the Chesapeake near Trappe. Though I still work full time, I have developed a serious nest-watching addiction, which I happily share with my grandkids, who live in Atlanta. I’ve learned so much an enjoy this blog!

  8. Yes Lillie. That’s it. Would never remember the spelling of Assateague. It is wonderful visit and I always go there when in Delaware. Yes Joan, I do think you are the farthest. I pray for rain for that region of the country. I wish I could have sent some of ours today ! Can’t believe no none is in the nest. Did they all check in to an area hotel ? lol

  9. Hmmmmmm and the eternal egg. Thing is we will never know what’s inside. Then it would have to be broken. I don’t think that should be done. I think it should be put in the com osprey museum ! A relic for sure one day ! Actually a true remembrance of what happened here and the blessings that followed.

    • A good long while back, I suggested Mr. COM give it to the experts when he takes the nest down for the year & hopefuly they can keep it intact, if not, then give the shell back & Mrs. COMomma can glue it into a baseball display case and bring it to the functions!

  10. And night falls. Good night little family. Well not so small really. I look forward to seeing you all in the morning. Best fisherman, wonderful mother, kindest babies and a great teenager ! All nearby, I hope.

    • I couldn’t say it better than that Renee. Goodnight to all, thank you for being you!🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥💕

  11. Live in Wallingford Pa, suburb of Phila. Vacationing this week in Stone Harbor New Jersey. Visited The Wetlands Institute and their Osprey nest today. I could only see one baby in the nest. It appeared to be very much younger than “our” M, M, and ET…Still quite brownish and speckled and smaller. Don’t think it has fledged yet. They have a camera on the nest inside the building…

  12. It’s interesting to know where everyone hails from. I was born, raised and have worked and lived in Annapolis, MD my entire life. (I’ve been retired for 12 years.)
    This is my first year watching the osprey nest/cam and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I discovered the site when the Baltimore evening news did a segment on Tom and Audrey fostering the chicks. Thanks everyone for your comments, information and humor.

  13. Wrestlemania! Tom flies in with fish, M&M fight for it, Maine gains control and ET flies in out of nowhere to join the fray. After lots of squawking and flapping, Maine emerges victorious.

  14. Man, Audrey isn’t in a good mood today — she’s pecking at Maine, bullying him for his fish. Then she was flapping and pecking at ET when he was trying to get a few bites of the fish she took from Maine.

    • Hi, Norma. I just moderated your comment, but everyone is on the newest blog and probably won’t see your comment. Please go to the newest blog and repost. Thanks, Mrs. COM

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