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Good morning from the cold, cloudy and breezy Eastern Shore of Maryland!  It sure feels more like April than June around here.  Osprey Girl and her friends are at the beach for a week.  I can’t help but wonder what a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds do at the beach when it is 59 and rainy, but I guess I really don’t want to know.  She will be off on her own in a couple of months anyway, so I guess I need to worry about something else, like baby ospreys!

What did I say?  Baby ospreys?  But the window for Tom and Audrey’s eggs to hatch has passed, you say!  Do you all remember the title of my last blog, “It’s Not Over Till It’s Over”?  Well, our dear friend and osprey expert Dr. Paul Spitzer came up with a remarkable idea, although to him, it was just another day in the osprey world.  During his many years as an ornithologist, Dr. Spitzer has conducted many, many scientific studies.  Early on in his career, he was studying the effects of DDT on raptor eggs and survivability.  As a major part of his study, he moved eggs and chicks from nests in Connecticut to nests in the Chesapeake Bay, and vice versa.   The survivability of the chicks that were moved from nest to nest was excellent.  According to Dr. Spitzer, the parenting instinct of ospreys is mighty fine, even for chicks that are not their own.  He suggested that we place a foster chick in Tom and Audrey’s nest, and see what happens.  Dr. Spitzer is quite confident that Tom and Audrey will make great foster parents.  Additionally, he feel it would be a shame to waste all of the technology that is in place to be able to watch our nest.  So here is a Facebook post that was just entered onto the Chesapeake Conservancy’s site:

The Chesapeake Conservancy has been in touch with several government agencies and raptor biologists about the possibility of Tom & Audrey fostering chick(s). Each year, a growing number of osprey construct nests on navigational markers, boat docks, bridges, airport communication beacons and numerous types of other elevated structures near water, including cell towers. In some cases, according to Craig Koppie, USFWS Raptor Biologist at the Chesapeake Bay Field Office in Annapolis, Maryland, these nest locations may pose a safety risk to the pair or their young or may interfere with 911 emergency communications. If there is a problematic or nuisance nest that is deemed a hazard and meets the requirements for nest removal, efforts are made to relocate either eggs or young to foster nests if opportunities become available. The word is out in that community that Tom & Audrey could be great foster parents.

We are standing by to facilitate should this possibility come to fruition. Stay tuned!

Now, as you all know, there are no guarantees when it comes to Mother Nature and her stubborn ways.  But this is certainly a wonderful development.  And if we have success, may I suggest the name of Annie or Oliver, two other famous orphans?  We will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, we remain-

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Man and Osprey Girl

Here is our first contestant for the “Where In The World Are Tom and Audrey?” contest:

Fran+, blog commentor extraordinaire, watching the ospreycam from Maryland

Fran+, blog commentor extraordinaire, watching the ospreycam from Maryland

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493 thoughts on “Big News!!

    • We are from Gloucester,Mass and have been watching this beautiful story unfold and couldn’t be happier for these two beautiful birds! What wonderful people (huge thank you to all who made this possible!!! )Can’t wait till Tom brings home the food and watch Mama feed her babies!!

    • They are here!! They are hear!! Knew something had happened had
      48 comments and Two would have been happy with one.. Oh! COM
      Family you just made my day.. Yes as some one said Audrey is so
      happy and so gentle with the little guys.. All so Sweet Thank You

  1. This is my first year watching and it has been quit the drama. Can someone please explain the new arrivals. Are these the eggs they have been sitting on all this time (seems unlikely) or foster’s. Either way very happy to be watching the next chapter.

    • Joyce, there is a very good explanation on the Conservancy site about placing 2 foster babies with Tom and Audry. They said that they accepted them right away! I wish I could have seen the hand off. I’m so so happy for them!

      • This is so funny to watch, the one chick is a pistol! Refuses to stay under Audrey’s wings. Mom I’M HUNGRY!!! Where is Tom?

      • You are able to watch the You Tube video of them arriving back on the nest after they were placed in the nest.

  2. Oh my gosh, I could’nt be happier!!! What a site! We are all crying! we are so incredibly elated!!! I swear Audrey is SMILING!THANK YOU, COM Family and EVERYONE else involved for making this a reality. We have happy babies and happy parents! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a beautiful day everyone!

  3. Just saw movement under Audrey. Unbelievable!!! Has to be foster’s, otherwise the longest incubation ever!!!
    Congratulations to Tom and Audrey!!!
    Although, yesterday I did see Audrey getting up and looking at the eggs like something was about to happen.

  4. So exciting! Did you remove the eggs when the chicks were put in the nest? Have they fed the babies yet?

  5. I still see one egg! Are these babies Tom and Audrey’s? Did they hatch? If not why leave the egg?

  6. I hear lots of noise! I think the kids are hungry! I haven’t seen Tom in some time. I hope he knows that he needs to bring food for his family!

  7. I don’t know if Audrey has become attached to the babies, but the one baby is looking at her adoringly!

  8. I’m so glad they have youngsters to raise now. I felt so sorry for them sitting on those eggs and nothing hatching.

  9. Bravo to all involved in the newest addition happening — I’m sure the privacy this am was perfect!m what a beautiful site. Thanks so much🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻👏🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀💫💫💫💫🎊🎊🎊let’s celebrate with this

    • I’m worried, where is Tom with breakfast?! Those babies are hungry! And ooooooooohhhhhhh so sweet! The difference between the Osprey and the Falcons are like night and day. Audrey and the babies seem so loving, I didn’t get that sense at all with the Falcons.

  10. On Facebook, The Chesapeake Conservancy has posted a detailed account about what they did with the babies.


  12. Just tuning in and see two babies in the nest with Audrey….they seem hungry! Has anyone seen them being fed yet? When did they arrive and where did they come from? I have so many questions and I don’t do Facebook…..

    • If you look at the Chesapeake Conservancy website it will answer your questions. You don’t have to go on Facebook.

      • I have been on The Chesapeake Conservancy website, but I haven’t found where the information concerning these two chicks is….Please let me know where to look….I would love to read and learn more about them.

  13. Wow, what a surprise to see chicks in the nest today! The only downside is now I’ll never get anything done for watching the chicks grow up! Yeah for Tom and Audrey!

    • Can someone answer as to why there is still an egg in the nest? Wouldn’t Audrey still feel she needs to incubate it? She needs to focus on her youngsters! She is working so hard on the nest. Still no Tom, very concerned about that. They need food!

  14. Hoping for a fish delivery really soon for the chicklets. Has anyone else noticed the amorphous blobs of dark matter swimming by that can be seen at low tide? I see the dark blobs of plant life but occasionally I see a shape changing blob swim by.

  15. I see all of these questions, but I don’t see any answers. It’s driving me crazy wondering where Tom is. Does anybody know ? Is this normal? Is it possible Audrey accepts the chicks but not Tom? Can she leave the chicks herself and go get them food? I’m at a loss….!

  16. Thank you lori, I was just about to repeat myself because I am beside myself with all the same questions! Audrey and those babies are starving! They have been there all day with nothing 😦 Please if anyone has insight into these questions please ease our hearts and minds for this precious family!

  17. I seem to remember from previous years that much of the feeding occurred around our dinner time…in a few more hours, hopefully!

  18. There is a post on Facebook that said Tom is nearby but hasn’t delivered a fish yet. Mr. Koppie is still there observing. I’m sure no one will let them starve.

  19. Per the Chesapeake Conservancy FB post: Many of you are wondering about Tom and lunch. Tom is close by, but has yet to deliver a fish. Mr. Koppie is still on site and monitoring closely.

  20. I know Bella….! I was about ready to have an anxiety attack….!! At least I know someone is there still watching them, maybe he can slip them a FISH…!! This is scarier than watching a mystery movie…!! It’s like we are all sitting at different windows watching them starve and can’t do a darn thing about it. I feel a little better now knowing someone is still keeping an eye on the babies…..!

  21. It’s going to be my guess that Tom will be the “stay at home dad” and Audrey will be the more experienced mom “bread winner”.

  22. That’s a scary thought Bette……he hasn’t been home all day…..I’m scared to see what would happen if he has to take care of the babies……that one baby doesn’t look like it’s doing so well….does it look ok to all of you?

  23. Maybe you are right Bette…..maybe he’s waiting for her to fly so he can come take care of the babies while she hunts for the food……. maybe a definitely miscommunication between the two of them……..

  24. I think since they haven’t been eating at the nest…Audrey needs to set the example for Tom by bringing a fish back to the nest…then he will catch on!

    • Yes!! Tom is back and hopefully will continue to provide for his family!!
      It has been a stressful day but we are all relieved.

  25. Hi all. I’ve been home and have been watching all day. This is what’s going on as of 4:16 p.m.: Audrey has been doting on the two chicks carefully all day – making sure they are covered, etc. No food was delivered all day until about half an hour ago by Tom. Large headless fish. She has NOT fed the babies. She has been and still is fixated on the one egg that was left in the nest. The babies are very active and obviously very hungry. They immediately started begging for food when Tom brought the large headless fish. Audrey did not herself or the babies. Hope this turns out well. Kind of hard to watch. Now I don’t see the fish after typing this. Let’s hope for the best.

  26. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the first chick and then a second! Tom is probably so shocked at finally becoming a father after all this time that he doesn’t know what to do. He’ll bring Audrey a fish for dinner, though, and the babies will be fed. Lucky babies, lucky parents! Audrey is, obviously, over the moon.

    I have noticed in other nests that the unhatched egg remains. Also, the “Three’s a Crowd” adage applies. Two is better. In the nests with three. it seems there’s always one chick who hangs back, waiting to be fed after its siblings are full. Even last year, you remember, with just two, we were afraid Breezy wasn’t going to make it. (ITHINK it was Breezy. Wasn’t Spitz the more agrressive? Breezy stayed behind with Tom long after Audrey and Spitz left.)

    If they are born with the instinct to fly to South America, I’m sure Calico Tom’s paternal obligations will surface naturally (unless he’s one of those guys who says, “Who me? I’m not raising someone else’s kids!” Perish the thought!).

  27. Everybody should look at the explanation and the amazing video. The person from Fish and Wildlife who put the babies into the nest seemed not interested in removing the third egg.

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