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Happy August 17th! Many of you have noticed that the osprey camera is frozen at the moment, and we are currently working to fix it, no need to worry. As August progresses, our feathery friends continue to grow and experience new things every day.

My family and I recently returned from vacation and have not been around to make many observations, but we will keep our eyes peeled and keep you up to date!

Spitz relaxing on our boat lift, much to COM's disapproval

Spitz relaxing on our boat lift, much to COM’s disapproval

Here’s a quick update for those of you who are going through withdrawal. COM has a direct feed to the ospreycam which has not been affected by the camera malfunction, so we kept our eyes open today.  At the moment, Audrey is resting in the nest, beside a pinecone. We are not sure which genius brought the pinecone back (probably attached to a branch). It doesn’t seem to be serving a purpose at the moment other than providing a cozy atmosphere.

"Careful" landings

“Careful” landings

Earlier today there were five crows and a seagull on the nest, pecking at some leftover fish. There were no ospreys to be seen, and the interlopers seemed to be enjoying their stay at Casa de Tom and Audrey. All of a sudden, one of our adult ospreys (we’re not sure which one) came swooping in out of nowhere and chased the intruders away. Take that, crows and seagull!

As I write this, Audrey is sitting all by herself on the nest.  Spitz has come back twice in rapid succession, each time with a branch.  When she (?) brought the first branch back, which was quite large and oddly shaped, it ended up on Audrey’s back.  Audrey looked at Spitz as if to say, “Really?”, and then rearranged herself until the stick landed in the nest where it belonged.  Spitz took off, and immediately returned with another less cumbersome stick.  She deposited this stick in the nest without incident, and then took off again.  Right now, Audrey is all by herself in the nest, finally some peace and quiet.

This morning, Mrs. COM noticed one of our juveniles on the center perch with a fish. We are not sure if the young one had caught the fish, but it seemed like it had. Unfortunately, it flew off before we could get close enough for a photo and a good look at the feathers. Most other years, we have been able to walk out on our dock without seeming to disturb whoever was in the nest. But this year, Spitz is not happy at all when she is in the nest, and one of us walks out onto the dock.  She is getting very good at making the distinctive danger sound.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

As usual, I am going to update every one on the ospreys whereabouts. The two babies have been sitting in a neighbor’s really big tree two houses to the north of us.  They like to perch near the top.  Tom frequently visits the tree in our next door neighbor’s house directly to the north of us.  We have also seen our ospreys on our neighbor’s boat lift two houses to the south of us. This year, although the family hasn’t been using the perches as much as others have in years past, both the adults and juveniles do hang out there occasionally.

Breezy and Spitz hanging out on the perches

Breezy and Spitz hanging out on the perches

Many of you on Facebook have noticed that many long skinny fish have been brought back to the nest, we think that they are Garfish. Recently, we were outside baiting the crab traps at the end of the dock and saw groups of these same fish swimming just beneath the surface of the water. This is a perfect source of food for the osprey, really easy pickings! While we’re on the fish topic, I really appreciate everyone’s help with the fish survey, I could not do it without you guys.




That is all I have for today, thank you so much for reading the blogs and my apologies for not being here to make more observations! I know that a lot of you rely on the Crazy Osprey Family when our feathery family is not on the nest.

*Just as I was finishing up this blog and ready to post, Spitz flew into the nest with a HUGE menhaden, still flapping!  She is happily eating away.  In between bites, she is squawking!  Why am I not surprised at that?  Great catch, Spitz!  Where is Breezy when you need him?

Here is this week’s winner in the “Where in the World Are Tom and Audrey” contest”.  Keep sending in those entries to be eligible for the grand prize at the end of the 2014 osprey season.

Mr. Dusenbury watching from Cape Cod, MA during the super moon!

Jim watching from Nauset Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the August super moon!

Adios Amigos,

Until Next Time,

Osprey Girl





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  1. Hi Kathy! Didn’t see Spritz or anyone else today ) : Away for the weekend? Sadly, we will see less and less of them now. Have a lovely weekend and do let us know if you see anyone!

  2. Just checked in… at 5:30, Spitz in the nest… noisy! (I’m assuming that he has gone and returned since you saw him/her at 3:40-ish this afternoon, Kathy.) Always glad to see one of them in the nest! They haven’t all left… yet

    • Thanks to you and Fran for the update. I don’t worry about Spritz eating has Je=she know how to fish and the only thing that could spark hunger is if the water got too cold —then they head South. I’m thinking Spritz would build a fire to stay and stay warm!!!!Love that bird!

  3. Have a feeling Spritz is just squawking to get some company and was not hungry! I missed all the action today. Never there3 when I got there. Thanks for the updates.

    • Got to see the feathers fluffing in the wind this morning. Don’t think it’s cool their yet. only the keepers of the Nest would know what’s going on about now and I think they have signed off for the winter ????Enjoy Spritz for as long as you can because soon he/she will be off to explore the world ) : ( :

  4. Soon the ospreys will be gone and the nest will be empty till torn down.hope their flight is safe to south america.

  5. Hello “Crazy Osprey Lovers” (that’s all of us who follow, worry and love the Ospreys) and hello to the COfamily who give us the wonderful updates and photographs. I’m hoping we get one more update to sum up the season and maybe some details about Breezy and Audrey, they seemed to stop coming to the nest, did they leave the area or are they just out of camera viewing? Thank you for providing this wonderful access to view these amazing creatures. (lillie)

  6. There is to be another Super Moon tonight. The last of the summer. I’m hoping the moon will light up the nest so we can see if anyone is there.

    • Has to happen! I really, really wish they were able to tag them as I would so like to know what becomes of Spritz( such a home body) Yes, I will miss that one. I think if they don’t come back to the nest in 3 days, they won’t. Only the folks by the cam would be able to tell us that ( : About time for a rundown and out isn’t it?

  7. Jean—I guess you just decided to call Spitz Spritz? You must make alot of those Spritz cookies! LOL. Will miss these birds when they go south, but remember, there will be a whole new batch this coming spring!..I was out on the Rappahannock River on a historic tour and saw many osprey nests–they are HUGE. Some ospreys we saw our guide told us were those flying south from further north. Interesting to see a part of their journey.

    • LOL LInda! Slip of the mind and finger–Guess Spitz just seems like a Spritz to me! Sorry about that ( : How nice that you could take that tour–how many nests are over the water like our family? I also watch eagles and they are even larger! All, beautiful birds. We’ve grown so close when we watch them from even before they are in the nest! Also, thanks to you, Fran and Kathy for the up dates. Yes, I will be waiting for spring and a new family but somehow I don’t think another bird will love home as much as SPITZ ( : I feel the same way!

  8. Hello, all! I had checked a few times this afternoon. At 5:00, there was Spitz! At 5:02 he/she took off, swooping down toward the water. Hooray! Glad to know that a member of our family is still around. I hope our friend is getting better at fishing! That’s an essential life skill, Spitz!

  9. 8:25. Spitz on the nest! (Sorry…on the run for an appointment…couldn’t watch for more than a minute and add this entry.). One more morning on which we know he/she is still around.


  11. Hello, I read this interesting comment on another osprey site … Hi viewers! Some have wondered if Pia sticking around the nest is unusual, or if it says anything about the chances of a successful migration of either chick or parent? So we reached out to Osprey Expert Rob Bierregaard who told us:

    “This isn’t really that late. Most young head south in the first two weeks of September. About 25% leave the nest area earlier and stage somewhere before starting migration. I wouldn’t worry about Pia. As long as the gravy train is in the station (dad’s still providing fish) what’s the rush? ;-)”

    So there you have it! Thanks for watching!

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