They Grow Up So Fast

Good evening!  Congratulations are in order for one of our favorite birds.  Breezy took his first flight on July 17, 2014 at 11:08 a.m.  Remember, you can click on each photo to enlarge it for your viewing pleasure:

First day of flight

First day of flight

Once he left the nest, Breezy landed on some rocks by the water one house to the north of us.  When ospreys take their first flight, they usually find a large stable place on which to land because their depth perception and balance have not completely developed yet.  Breezy rested on the shoreline for a while, but his moment of peace was quickly interrupted by our neighbor’s lawnmower.  Poor Breezy made eye contact with the loud frightening machine and then clumsily flew away.  We then lost sight of him until he returned to the nest later on in the day.  Many of our viewers were concerned because Breezy was away for a while, but similar to any teen with a new license, the last place he wanted to be was home.  He was probably somewhat disoriented and afraid.  After all, to make a perfect landing for the first time on the nest is no easy task.  Eventually, he made it home safe and sound.  It is now four days after his first flight and he is already a pro.  Breezy dives, turns, rapidly maneuvers, speeds up and slows down, basking in his new found freedom.  You can tell he is really enjoying himself, his flight appears joyful.  As for his whereabouts when not in the nest, Breezy has been spending most of his time in our neighbor’s tree to the north of us.  This is the same tree that Tom used last year to break branches off in flight to use in the nest.  Spitz is due at any moment to fledge and we will all continue to watch the camera like hawks.

Freedom-Day 2 of flight

Freedom-Day two of flight

Landing is still a bit shaky.  Who is watching from the tree?

Day three. Landing is still a bit shaky. Who is watching from the tree?

We have also been noticing more ospreys flying around and assume that other juveniles in the area are fledging.  COM plans to put the perches back up in the water, but unfortunately, the tides have not been favorable for his task.  Once they go in, I will post more pictures to show every one.  Just to keep things interesting, COM put out another marked stick, which made its way to the nest within 24 hours of being in the back yard.  Mrs. COM put one out last week, but it disappeared without making its way into our nest.  I guess another osprey is enjoying the decorative addition to his nest.

Family reunions are the best. Day four of flight (Sunday afternoon)

Family reunions are the best. Day four of flight (Sunday afternoon)

Lastly, I feel like a broken record, but THANK YOU for the help with the fish research project, I couldn’t do it without the help from all of the loyal viewers.  Remember to send in your photos for the “Where in the World Are Tom and Audrey” contest.  Here is one from last year:

Nurse Sue and friends watching from Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland

Nurse Sue and friends watching from Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland

Adios Amigos,

Until next time,

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118 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Fast

  1. Hello all. First time posting, although I’ve been watching and enjoying for a few weeks (since the MPT broadcast)
    I’ve been watching since 7:30 this morning and have been enjoying watching Spitz doing little bits of “flying”… has gotten up out of camera range then landed back in the nest more than once. A few times he/she has “flown” across the nest. Now, at 8:23, Spitz seems to have run out of steam after all that exertion and has hunkered back down in the nest. So interesting to watch how different the maturing process seems to be for each individual chick. Breezy seems to have been pretty much ready all once and took off after a relatively few “flap hops.” For Spitz, it seems to be more of a step-by-careful-step business. What fun to be able to observe all of this at such close range. I’ve never been much of a bird watcher, but this makes it fascinating (and so easy…no tramping around in marshes or fields with strong binoculars hoping for a distant glimpse! Tried that once.) I’ve now been reading up on ospreys just to better understand what I’m seeing. (Trying to resist the urge to anthropomorphize.) Thank you, Crazy Osprey Family, for opening up a new world to me! (Wish there had been such things when I was a kid growing up in New York City!). As I sign off, Breezy is back in the nest at 8:39, having flown off sometime around 7:45. Both are waiting for Audrey or Tom, I guess, to come back with food! Great stuff! Addictive to watch, isn’t it?

    • Wow, Fran, thanks for the great comment. We are so glad you are enjoying the camera and blog. You can post to the Conservancy’s Facebook page, there a some really nice ospreycam fans that have a running dialogue. Thanks so much for the kind words. Mrs. COM

    • live in Long Beach Ca . Have been communicating w/friend in Oregon wondering what we will do now that the
      babies have fledged. so enjoyed it

  2. 8:55 AM: Think today may be the day that Spitz takes flight? Have been watching him/her going out of camera range. Cheering for Spitz to give all him/she has to take flight.

  3. I was away for a awhile, came back and there Breezy was hoarding the fish while everyone else was looking on—did anyone get any as yet beside The Fish Monster? ( :


  5. Is Spitz O.K. Seems theres lots of jumping up and down but still there a week after Breezy took off. What do I know.

  6. 7:12 AM Watching Breezy and Spitz in the nest together. I wondering if Spitz could be a female? Spitz seems to be the one that does the housekeeping, while Breezy sits on the edge of the nest as does Tom when he is there. They are so interesting to watch I have seen Breezy move sticks around, Tom also has done this . But, not the rearranging of the leaves and cleaning whatever in the bottom of the nest. Thank you for the education on the Osprey.

  7. Busy morning at the Osprey home! All in the next at once seem to have full bellies for the moment. Must be cleaning day—everyone seems to be moving things around and Tom came in saw that Breezy had dropped a stick off to the side, went out and got another one! All the while Spritz is flying back and froth over the nest. I think I caught Breezy tying to give dad a kiss! Lots of action today ( :

  8. That would be nest–( : Breezy wants to fly but stay right over the nest to do it! A real home body that one.

  9. Spritz must be a girl! Just watched as she and mom moved a branch together and are chatting away! So cute! 8:11 AM

  10. Dang! I watched the family gathering and all the excitement of the morning, took a breather, came back and found the next empty except for a little bird checking it out! Congrats Spritz–now, come back home!

  11. Movin on up! How adorable–those little tweeties are all over that nest, checking it out and taking little twigs for down below. Strange bed fellows wouldn’t you say?


  12. Does anyone know if Audrey was there when Spitz took off? She (I think) is back on the nest and looking a little surprised (my projection!)

    • OK Kathy, keep an eye on the prize–I am signing off for today. Let us know if anything happens on your watch. It’s been a very busy and different day for all.

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