“You Should See The One That Got Away” -Tom

Wow, it’s already July 10th, I hope everyone is staying cool! I wanted to start by saying how much I appreciate your contributions to the citizen science research about the osprey’s fishing habits. The spreadsheets are starting to take shape and I can’t wait until we have our final outcome! If you could continue to monitor the fish with me, I would be very thankful. Those of you on Facebook have probably seen pictures from the Great Give visit. The Great Give is a fundraiser for non- profit organizations in the Annapolis, Maryland area. The Chesapeake Conservancy participated in this year’s Great Give and the individuals who donated the most were treated to a private tour of Tom and Audrey’s nest. During the tour, two sticks marked with yellow tape were put out in the yard. By the morning, both sticks were in the nest and if you look closely to the right, one stick is still visible.


Audrey guarding her nest.

I am aware that some of you are concerned about the well-being and nourishment of the chicks. We appreciate everyone’s concern for our feathery friends but have no fear, the chicks are well fed and doing fine. Even if the chicks were not being properly nourished, the best thing for the Conservancy to do is not interfere. We must let nature take its course, even if it is hard to watch.  Recent interventions have been made at other nests due to situations created by human actions.



On that note, I would love to share this week’s excitement with all of you. This occurred yesterday at noon when Audrey was away from the nest. Tom brought a relatively large Menhaden back to the nest and sat there with the babies for a bit. When Audrey realized that there was food at home, she immediately returned to the nest, hoping to grab a quick bite. Tom was obviously not in the sharing mood and took off, fish in talons, to a dock two houses down. He returned a short while later with the headless fish, which was used to feed the rest of the family. Thanks, Dad. Keep in mind Tom must eat first, or no one eats.


Tom’s lunch!

Breezy and Spitz continue their wing exercises, sometimes despite twenty mile an hour winds and looming thunderstorms.  Their flap-hops have started, which means first flight can’t be too far away.  Last year, the oldest chick, Chester, first took flight on July 19th, closely followed by her siblings, Essie and Ozzie.  In the not too distant future, Breezy and Spitz will be earning their own private pilot’s licenses. Keep those entries for the “Where In The World Are Tom and Audrey?” contest coming.  One photo will be posted on each blog, and a grand prize winner will be awarded for the 2014 season!

Felix watching the ospreycam from Kent Island, Maryland

Felix watching the ospreycam from Kent Island, Maryland

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time, Osprey Girl

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  1. WOW! What a bunch of wonderful information Osprey Girl. It’s great you can fill us in on things we can’t see. This has been a wonderful year watching the family.
    Thanks again

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  3. Checking the camera at 1:19 PM EDT I see that only Audrey and 1 chick are in the nest.

    Joe B. – Baltimore

    • Take another look, Joe. Both chicks are there. But thanks for checking up on everyone, stranger things have happened over the years! Mrs. COM

  4. Great to get a first hand report on the family! Hopefully when they take off the chicks will not hit the water–can they swim? Do they come back to the nest for awhile as Eagles do? I shall truly miss them and my visits to the water—great camera location! Love your respect for Nature. Thank you

    • Hi, Jean! Thanks for reading our blog and watching the camera. The chicks cannot swim, but they can float for a little while. There are two blogs from last summer that talk about chicks ending up in the water. Check out the blogs from the annals of Crazy Osprey Man. The chicks will spend time at the nest after they fledge, but not as much as when they cannot fly. So stay tuned for more fun! Mrs. COM

  5. Wow! One of the chicks just flew from one side of the nest to the other—-won’t be long now ( : ) :

    • Keep watching, Jean! The Crazy Osprey Family can’t watch 24/7, so we love input from our faithful camera/blog watchers. Thanks, Mrs. COM

  6. I love, love, love your blog and the video cam of the Ospreys. It is something I look forward to checking several times a day, every day! What’s the best way for me to support this particular “cam” of ospreys and the work you do to keep us informed?

    • Hi, MC. We are so happy that you love our blog and camera. It is truly a labor of love for the Crazy Osprey Family. The Chesapeake Conservancy is a non-profit, and they could really use any donations that come their way to support the camera and their mission. Please go to http://www.chesapeakeconservancy.org and follow the instructions to donate. Thanks so much for enjoying “our” osprey family. Mrs. COM, Mr. COM. Osprey Girl, Tom, Audrey, Breezy and Spitz!

    • Hi, Annie. I do not think they know not to fly right now. If a gust of wind takes Breezy away while he is hovering, I think he will be spending the night on the dock (hopefully). The wind is blowing hard out of the south, which should point him toward land and not out to sea. We will just keep our fingers crossed that they hunker down and ride out the storm. Thanks for reading our blog and watching the camera. Mrs. COM

  7. The chicks are getting stronger. One of them just kept itself in the air over the nest for about 5 seconds!

  8. 11:15 AM I just notice that there was only Sprite in the nest. That gust of wind must have caught Breezy and we are learning to fly! How exciting!

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