The Return of Osprey Girl

Happy summer every one! Osprey Girl is back!  We have been closely following what has been happening in the nest, and reading everyone’s concerns about Chick #2.  Last year, Ozzie (who was Chick #3, and definitely the runt of the group), was picked on unmercilessly by Chester, the oldest chick.  It was really touch and go for a long time for Ozzie, who was significantly smaller and weaker than her older siblings.  We did not think she would make it, Dr. Spitzer didn’t think she would make it, but guess what?  She made it!!  So we know it is hard to watch Chick #2 get beat up and not get fed as much as Chick #1, but we feel confident that Chick #2 will be fine.  But sometimes Mother Nature can fool you, for the better or for the worse, so we will see.  The chick naming contest is in full swing, so be sure to get your vote in by the close of business on Wednesday, June 25.  Go to to cast your ballot.  Tomorrow is primary day in Maryland, so it is a perfect day to vote.

I have two exciting events to share with you:

First, we are starting up the “Where In The World Are Tom and Audrey?” contest.

For those of you who read this blog last year, the guidelines are the same. For the new viewers out there, I strongly encourage you to participate!  People from all over the world enjoy watching our ospreycam, and your fellow viewers would love to know where you are.

You can submit a picture of yourself watching the camera from where ever you are located on the globe. Winning photographs will be posted onto each blog. Please keep in mind that if you submit a photograph, there is a chance that it will be posted on the Internet and viewed by others.

Smartphones, IPads and laptops would be the best option to use, because they are easily portable. If you watch the camera from a desktop computer, you can take the Flat Stanley approach and print out a picture of Tom and Audrey to take with you on your travels.

Here is one of our winners from last year:


Jamie watching the ospreycam from the Channel 8 Traffic Center in Rockville, Maryland

Jamie watching the ospreycam from the Channel 8 Traffic Center in Rockville, Maryland

• You must be 18 years or older to submit a photo

• Try to submit a unique photo that specifically shows your location

• Send your photos to

• Please include a caption stating where you are and a first name

Second, I hope all of you have read the blog that announced my main focus this summer.  In addition to my blogs, I will be conducting a study alongside Dr. Spitzer that examines the fish being brought back to the nest by Tom.  When you see a fish being brought back to the nest, please note the date, time and your best guess as to the species of the fish.  The Conservancy has posted examples of possible prey in the following blog:

This may turn out to be a difficult task due to the condition of the fish arriving in the nest.  I will be reviewing the camera tapes based on observations posted to the Conservancy’s Facebook page and our on-site observations.  Any help citizen scientists can provide would be appreciated.   I can’t wait to see the results!

I know many of you have been reading Mrs. COM’s blogs.  She has been posting photos of a handsome couple, and running her own unofficial contest to guess their identity.  Well, we had a winner last week.  Here is the third of four photos of this couple:


The human Tom and Audrey couple after whom our original osprey couple and the current osprey couple were named

The human Tom and Audrey couple after whom our original osprey couple and the current osprey couple were named


The lucky winner will be receiving an osprey tee shirt from the Chesapeake Conservancy.  Thanks for all of your guesses.

Adios amigos, until next time,

Osprey Girl

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    • Hi, Rosemary! Thanks for watching. If you can, please take a photo of yourself or someone in your family watching the ospreycamera and send it in to Osprey Girl’s contest at She will post the photo in one of her blogs. Thanks for watching and reading our blogs. Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Claire. Thanks for your concern, but at this time we do not feel there is a problem. Thanks for reading our blogs and watching the ospreycam. Mrs. COM

  1. The chicks are alone in the nest this morning. Yesterday, Audrey was standing on one foot for a long time. Is that normal? Is she OK? Since nobody’s babysitting, it worries me!

  2. i remember last year as well and poor ozzie was much worse of then baby 2 this year. as hard as the bullying is to watch i knew last year that ozzie would be ok and i have the same confidence in our baby this year.

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