Throwback Thursday-A Visit To The Past #1

Greetings from the sultry Eastern Shore of Maryland!  As I sit here writing this blog at 12:21 p.m. on June 19, Tom is sitting on the boat lift with a large, still flapping menhaden, and Audrey is fussing at him from the nest to hurry up and eat.  He just took off from the lift, and Audrey followed from the nest so the kids are all alone for now.  Feeding time should commence in the not-too-distant future.  Whoops, he just landed in the nest with the noon meal, 12:24 p.m., and Audrey is letting him know she is hungry!

Well, it’s official.  Our egg statistics for 2014 can be added to last year’s list.  Going back to the blogs from Year One of Tom and Audrey’s Great Adventure, we found this one which summarized the egg laying/hatchling survival from our nest going back many years.  We thought you might enjoy reading this blast from the past, but first……………



Second Chance to Win a Great Prize!  First Correct Guess Is A Winner!

Second Chance to Win a Great Prize! First Correct Guess Is A Winner!


Please enjoy this bit of Crazy Osprey Man’s Osprey Notebook History 101:

(First Published April 29, 2013)  Greetings from the Eastern Shore!  As we are sure you are all aware, shortly after the last blog was published, bemoaning the fact that we were now in wait and watch mode, we all had a huge surprise!  A fourth egg!  Crazy Osprey Man has been keeping careful notes since 1995, and this is the first time we have ever had four eggs in the clutch.  Hopefully Dr. Spitzer will treat us to some insider information regarding the rarity of a four egg clutch among ospreys. We will just have to wait and see if he is reading the blog.  We will share any tidbits he provides about our newest osprey adventure as soon as we get them.

We have been following the Conservancy’s Facebook traffic about the osprey camera, and have noticed some questions and comments regarding Crazy Osprey Man’s thoughts on the hatching and survivability of four osprey chicks.  In this blog, we will share some of our statistics about the number of eggs we have observed in the clutch each season, how many hatched and how many of the chicks survived to adulthood.  We won’t bore you with every single year, but will provide a good sampling (last 10 years) and some thoughts and comments.  So here goes:

2012-3 eggs laid, 2 hatched and survived

2011-3 eggs laid, 3 hatched, 2 survived (This was a very sad year, we will discuss this one in detail in another blog while trying to fill the waiting and watching part 2)

2010-2 eggs laid, 1 hatched and survived

2009-2 eggs laid, 2 hatched and survived (Yippee!  Good year!)

2008-2 eggs laid, 2 hatched and survived (Ditto!)

2007-3 eggs laid, 2 hatched and survived

2006-3 eggs laid, 3 hatched, 2 survived

2005-3 eggs laid, 2 hatched, 2 survived

2004-3 eggs laid, 3 hatched, 3 survived (Yippee!  A very good year with the original Tom and Audrey pair, who were very experienced osprey parents by this time)

2003-3 eggs laid, 3 hatched, 3 survived (Ditto)

Please keep in mind when you are reading our blogs that we are not ornithologists and have no formal training in the ways of birds.  All of our comments and thoughts are based on 18 years of careful observation, both before and after Crazy Osprey Man installed our first camera, and reading we have done.  As you can see from the above data, out of a 10 year time period, only 40% of the time did all of the eggs laid hatch and all of the chicks survive to adulthood.  Additionally, only 60% of the time did all of the eggs hatch.  We don’t want to be Debbie Downers, but based on these percentages, we feel it is not likely that all of the eggs will hatch and produce chicks that will survive to adulthood.  But what if someone had asked us last week this time what we thought about the chances that Audrey would lay four eggs?  Based on all of our observations over the 18 years, we would have said no way!

So we will keep our fingers crossed that we will be able to add the following data to our list for next year:

2013-4 eggs laid, 4 hatched, 4 survived  (Here’s hoping!!!!!)


The official statistic for 2013 was 4 eggs laid, 3 hatched, 3 survived (you remember that drama, don’t you?).  So Chester, Essie and Ozzie will hopefully have two siblings to join them for fun and sun in South America this fall.

Remember, be on the lookout for the Conservancy’s chick naming contest.  The list of finalist names will be posted soon, so get your votes in.  Osprey Girl will be starting her “Where In The World Are Tom and Audrey?” contest next week, so remember to watch the ospreycam while you are away this summer, and memorialize your viewing dedication in a photograph.  Details will be posted soon.

That’s all for now!  Until next time, we remain-

Crazy Osprey Man, Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man and Osprey Girl

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15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday-A Visit To The Past #1

  1. I am John Bacon, chairman of the Chesapeake Beach Oyster Cultivation Society. We grow oyster spat on our local creek. There is a trail up the creek and this year we decided to install 2 osprey boxes for trail watchers enjoyment. One of the boxes took an immediate pair and they are now feeding babies.

    Our next project will be to install an osprey cam next year.

    We will need to power it by a solar panel with battery backup.

    Can you give us any help with specifications and possible vendors.

    Maybe we will be able to take a trip over to your location yet this summer if that is OK with you. We will tie it in wirelessly to our trail cameras.

    Thanks for any help

    John Bacon

    • Hi, John. Please contact the Chesapeake Conservancy directly for responses to your requests. Thanks for reading our blogs and watching the camera. Mrs. COM

    • THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will send you contact information to claim your prize after I talk to the Conservancy. Thanks for all of your guesses! Mrs. COM

    • The young ospreys do not return until the second spring after they were hatched. So Chester, Essie and Ozzie will be back in the area Spring 2015, but we will have no way of knowing it is them (unfortunately). Thanks for the great question! Mrs. COM

  2. wow it is THE tom n audrey?? thank you for the brainstorming!! it was fun! i love the birds so–i am sure that the original t n a must be very special people.

    • Yep, the real human Tom and Audrey, after whom our original osprey pair was named. I have two more photos to post of them, so you will see some of the myriad of places they have traveled, many with us. They are indeed very special people and dear friends for many, many years. Mrs. COM

    • Hi, Kris. You can expect an email from Sarah Elder from the Chesapeake Conservancy. Your prize is one of the osprey tee shirts that the Conservancy was selling at the Welcome Back Osprey function in April. Thanks for all of your guesses, and enjoy the tee shirt! Mrs. COM

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