We’re live!

We are pleased to announce that the Osprey Cam is live! After a long trip to South or Central America for the winter, Tom is due back any day now, followed shortly by Audrey. Other osprey have been sighted in the area, so be on the lookout for Tom! The first person who takes a screenshot of Tom on the nest and posts it to Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ChesapeakeConservancy) will win a free osprey cam t-shirt!

Like last year, the Crazy Osprey Family will share behind-the-scenes information about the nest, as well as educational information from Dr. Spitzer, the osprey biologist, through this blog. Check back often.

The Osprey Cam is streamed through the Chesapeake Conservancy’s Wildlife Outreach and Education Program. Special thanks to Skyline Technology Solutions, who is managing the video stream, Earth Security Electronics, who installed and set up the camera, Investigative Options Inc., for maintaining the camera, and the Shared Earth Foundation.

9 thoughts on “We’re live!

  1. Solomons Island, Calvert County Maryland: We sighted our first osprey yesterday (16 March) at about 0845 Local. It was hovering high, fishing, announcing its return to anyone within earshot.

  2. can’t wait to start watching again. i love these guys like they are my own pets and laughed and cried all through 2013 with them. Thank you soooo much for allowing us to share in this wonderful experience. I will check in at least once a day!! -kris

  3. Thank you your dedication to the osprey family! I saw Tom live this morning about 9am. Look forward to Audrey’s appearance!

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