Now That’s A Nest

Good Evening Everyone! The temperature today on the shore was 80 degrees. The sun made a few appearances, but in my opinion not enough! Unfortunately, the humidity is still alive and well.

I wanted to share with everyone an interesting sight I encountered last night. I was on the boat with my dad and some friends and we were headed to St. Michaels for a waterfront dinner. As usual, we were going slowly through the Wye River because my dad likes to look at all of the boats (typical dad). Anyway, I was zoning in and out, staring at the gray sky, when something out of the ordinary caught my eye. There was a huge osprey nest on a boatlift about 15 feet from our boat. It seemed to be 6 feet across and as we approached it, we could see 2 baby osprey heads poking up.

A very angry mama osprey emerged from the nest and a distressed dad was circling us from the air. When mama gave us this “defensive” gesture we knew this was our cue to get out as fast as possible. However, it did not stop me from snapping a quick picture to share.

Dock Osprey

As you might have observed on the ospreycam, Tom and Audrey’s 2 foot nest is no where near the size of this 6 foot nest. We disassemble the nest every season for two very important reasons. One, parasites could be present in the nest, which can be harmful to the birds. Two, the nest would get too heavy for the pole and eventually fall over in a storm. Tom and Audrey don’t seem to mind the demolition of their summer home (after they leave for the season). Even at this point, Tom and Audrey are still diligently adding sticks, even if it means hitting one of their babies.

You may have noticed Tom bringing some short fat sticks to the nest. These are from my neighbor’s tree. In order to get the sticks, Tom is literally swooping down and pulling them off of the branches of the half dead tree. The black fuzzy material that you might see is filter cloth that we have under our riprap in the backyard. Tom swoops down and tears pieces off and brings them back to the nest. I guess Crazy Osprey Man better get ready with some more pre-fab sticks!

Adios Amigos, until next time,
Osprey Girl