A Very Special Evening With Our Very Special Osprey Family

Good evening from the warm and humid Eastern Shore!  After a rather uncomfortable day, the evening is lovely.  Although somewhat humid, the temperature has dropped and there is a gentle breeze blowing.  We are under a severe thunderstorm watch, but with only a 30% chance of storms in our area, the osprey family should have a restful night.  Earlier this evening, based on the Facebook traffic while the camera was down, I thought I might have to enter a new profession and start an osprey camera watching addiction and withdrawal clinic. The ospreycam was down due to a widespread internet service provider outage affecting Maryland and Delaware.  I hope all of you that had the shakes are feeling better now.

As you know, we follow the Conservancy’s Facebook page, and couldn’t help but notice a photo that was posted a little earlier this evening.  For those of you who haven’t seen the photograph, it is a spectacular image taken on Sunday night showing an osprey silhouetted by the super full moon, with the nest visible just under the moon.  Well, not to be outdone by that photo, which also appeared on the front page of the Annapolis, Maryland Capital (a wonderful local newspaper-if you live in this area you should really subscribe), I am posting a photograph taken by Crazy Osprey Man on Sunday evening from our very own backyard.  If you have been following our blogs, you may have noticed a recurring theme of enjoying happy hour on the end of our dock.  Another time honored social tradition in our household involves Full Moon Dock Parties, which occur every full moon during the outdoor season.  These parties have become a very popular social event amongst our friends and neighbors.  The only catch to accepting an invitation to one of these parties is that the attendees are requested (but not required) to howl at the moon as it rises in order to capture the true full moon experience.  Believe it or not, all of our guests usually participate (except for the teenage children of our guests, who are beyond mortified and embarrassed at the behavior of their parents).

This past Sunday was no exception to the Full Moon party schedule, especially since it was a Super Full Moon or perigee moon (the time of the moon’s closest pass to the Earth in any month which results in the full moon appearing larger and brighter than other full moons).  It was a spectacular evening after a day beset by on and off rain, clouds and wind.  After our guests arrived, ate, drank, howled and left, I began cleaning up.  When I looked out of my kitchen window, I saw the moon shining on the water with a dark sky above.  And to my delight, Tom was sitting on his favorite camera, Audrey was sitting in the nest, and chick heads were visible as well, all silhouetted in the light of the moon reflecting on the water.  I called to Crazy Osprey Man, who ran to get his camera and tripod.  He captured this image which we share with you now:

Super Full Moon shining on the water with Tom and Audrey on the nest-6/23/2013

Super Full Moon shining on the water with Tom and Audrey on the nest-6/23/2013

This might be a once in a lifetime photo for us.  Thank you, Crazy Osprey Man, for capturing this moment. We hope you like it!

A few more comments before I close for the evening.  The chicks are growing bigger and bigger.  Chester and Essie have some of their mature feathers growing in, and have been exercising their wings and independence.  Ozzie is really hanging in there, and although not as big as his older siblings, seems to be on his way.  We are entering one of my favorite phases in the chick’s development.  Over the years, I have named the upcoming weeks the “hop, flap, hover phase”.  You will see what I mean very shortly, and I guarantee that many chuckles are about to happen.

Thank you all for your continued excitement over our osprey family.  We are so happy that you are able to share in some of the joys (but hopefully not too many sorrows) of nature and our beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Until next time, we remain,

Crazy Osprey Man and Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man


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