A Little Perspective In Photographs

Good afternoon from the partly cloudy, warm Eastern Shore.  According to the Conservancy Facebook page, there are ten times more viewers of the camera now than before the first egg hatched.  Everyone sure loves a baby!  Not much needs to be said today, as there are currently many more interesting events going on in the nest than can be put into words.  We thought we would give you some perspective on what is going on around the nest in photos:

View from back yard down dock-perch and pole

This is a view from the edge of our back yard looking down the dock facing southeast.  To the immediate right near the end of the dock, you can see the perch.  The perch is a little hard to see in this photo, but is directly to the right of the green covered canoe. When the fledglings begin to fly, Crazy Osprey Man will put out three perches to try and keep members of our osprey family off of the boats, picnic table, boat lift and any other potential osprey-free zones.  To the right of the perch, you can see the nest pole, with the camera mounted on the right of the nest.

Pole and Picnic Table

This is a view from the end of the dock toward the southwest.  You can see the infamous happy hour picnic table (complete with a little “gift” from one of our bird friends-a reality photo) and the nest pole.  Tom is sitting on top of the camera.

View of Eli's dock

This view has the same southwest orientation as the previous photo, but shows our neighbor’s docks where Tom will frequently hang out to consume his fish in peace and quiet, away from Audrey’s harangues.

tom on camera audrey in nest

This photograph is also oriented from our dock to the southwest.  Tom is sitting on top of the camera, where he has spent most of his time today when not out fishing.  I guess he is keeping an eye on things to make sure Audrey is doing a good job, which she is.  You can see Audrey sitting on the nest. This is a good view of how the camera is oriented looking down into the nest.  You can see the camera is on an arm mounted to the nest platform.

Tom at sunset on electrical box

This photograph is from a couple of days ago around sunset.  Tom spends most evenings and overnights at the end of the dock on this box, which contains some of the camera and electrical equipment.  This view is to the southeast from our backyard.

So that’s it for now from the beautiful Eastern Shore!  If you have any questions about what we are observing, or would like any specific photographs taken, please post on the Conservancy’s Facebook page.  We monitor the Facebook page frequently, and would be happy to respond to any requests.

Crazy Osprey Man and Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man

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