Marital Discourse Or Are Osprey Couples Very Different From Human Couples?

Good afternoon from the grey, humid and windy Eastern Shore!  Well, we are almost there!  According to Dr. Spitzer’s information regarding osprey eggs, the eggs are most likely to start hatching tomorrow or Saturday.  We have observed in years past that when the eggs start hatching and there are babies in the nest, Tom and Audrey will sometimes stand on the edge of the nest and peer down into it.  They seem to be thinking “Wow, look at that, we did it!”  So if you see both of them standing on the edge of the nest and looking down, keep your eyes on the computer screen!

A quite humorous event has prompted this latest post.  Tuesday evening, as we were sitting on the end of the dock at the picnic table, enjoying a delightful spring evening with a glass of wine and some nibblies, there was quite a lot of noise coming from Audrey.  We looked up, and Tom was flying back to the nest with the bottom half of a fish.  He landed, held on to the fish, and Audrey kept squawking and squawking.  This noise kept up for a couple of minutes. We guess Tom grew tired of listening to her complain, so he flew off to enjoy some more of his catch in peace and quiet on the next door neighbor’s dock.  She continued with her loud complaints and begging, and soon Tom returned to the nest with the now smaller piece of fish.  The piece of fish was exchanged, Tom settled in on the eggs, and Audrey took off to a piling at the end of the same neighbor’s dock.  As she was coming in for her landing, she dropped the fish into the drink!  Crazy Osprey Man and I shouted at the same time “Oh, no, she dropped it!”.  We expected her to try to retrieve the piece of fish from the water, but it was probably too close to the dock to be able to maneuver.  She sat there for a moment, looking down and started bobbing her head back and forth like an irritated person.  She sat there with the head bob going for another couple of minutes, deciding what to do about this unfortunate turn of events.  Audrey then turned her back on Tom, who didn’t seem to be paying any attention to her plight.  She sat there on the piling with her back turned to him for about 20 minutes.  We were chuckling and watching her the whole time, and decided she was pretending to eat the fish so she wouldn’t get a load of c**p from Tom about losing his catch when she returned to the nest.  Eventually, she returned to the nest, and immediately started fussing at him again, presumably to get out there and start fishing because she was still hungry!  The entire incident reminded us very much of the interactions between some human couples, hence the name of this blog.

As we finish out our waiting and watching, don’t forget to get in your vote to name the osprey chicks!  Remember, only one vote per person.  Please go to to cast your vote!

That’s it for now from the beautiful Eastern Shore!  Until next time, we remain….

Crazy Osprey Man and Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man


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