Fun Facts To Donate By……….

Greetings from the beautiful Eastern Shore, where waiting and watching continue!  We only have time for a few fun facts today, but a little is better than nothing!  After you read the fun facts, please take a few minutes to go to the GREAT GIVE website (see yesterday’s blog) and make a donation, large or small, to the Chesapeake Conservancy!

Fun Fact #1

On April 28, 2013, Diane Heim asked a question on the Conservancy’s Facebook page about a loud noise that seemed to be bothering Audrey while she was sitting on the nest.  This mysterious noise was a lawnmower accompanied by a weed whacker.  She was probably annoyed because the mowing and weed whacking was going on at the riprap, which is only about 50 yards from their nest pole.

Fun Fact #2

You may be hearing some loud chirping emanating from the nest that is obviously not coming from the ospreys.  There are sparrows that like to hang out under the nest and flit around.  They are not visible from the camera, as they congregate under the nest.  Dr. Spitzer is also wondering about the sparrows, and has promised to do some research to try and figure out why we have had these little visitors every year.

Fun Fact #3

The shadow you see on the nest in the late afternoon is cast by the camera.

Fun Fact #4

The camera is mounted on an arm attached to the bottom of the nest platform, allowing the camera and nest to move at the same time.  This cuts down on the amount of movement the viewer sees through the camera.

Fun Fact #5

The camera is oriented to allow an upwind landing by the osprey returning to the nest, with the least amount of interference in the osprey’s landing pattern.  As the prevailing winds during the majority of the time the ospreys are in residence are from the south/southwest, the camera sits on the south/southwest side of the nest to allow an upwind landing from the north/northeast.

Fun Fact #6

Whichever osprey is sitting on the nest (usually Audrey, but sometimes Tom) usually faces into the wind.

That’s it for now from the beautiful Eastern Shore.  Please take a few minutes to go to the GREAT GIVE website and make a donation to the Chesapeake Conservancy for a chance to name one of Tom and Audrey’s chicks.  And don’t forget, the largest donor during the 24 hour GREAT GIVE will have a private tour of the nest while the chicks are learning to fly!!  You will get to meet Crazy Osprey Man and Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man in person, with a few surprises thrown in!  Please donate now, the GREAT GIVE ends at 7:00 p.m. this evening!