The Nest Is Becoming More Crowded…..

Good afternoon from the beautiful Eastern Shore! Exciting happenings from the nest just a few minutes ago! Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man (the wife) is home from work today, and was observing the osprey camera as she was busy doing domestic chores in the kitchen. After having watched our osprey since the first camera went in many years ago, she is getting really good at observing osprey behavior. Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man noticed that Audrey was off the nest for awhile, sitting on a perch placed in the water near the osprey pole (more about that later). This is unusual, as when there are eggs in the nest, usually Tom or Audrey is right there to keep the eggs warm. When Audrey returned to the nest, she was acting very differently than normal and seemed agitated and unable to settle back on her egg. As Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man knew that a second egg laying was due to happen, she decided to watch the nest for a while to see what would happen. Audrey did not settle down on the egg as usual, she just sort of hovered over it. She shuddered, and sort of settled in, then was hovering again and shuddered a second time. Audrey was still having trouble settling, but in a couple of minutes, she stood up and voila! There it was, egg #2!!. In all of the years we have been observing the nest, this is the first time one of us has actually seen one of the eggs being laid. The time of laying was approximately 1314, or 1:14 p.m. Daylight Savings Time.

Audrey spent some time rearranging the nest, and is now settled down, keeping her two eggs warm. With a big storm predicted for later today and tonight bringing heavy winds and rain, we hope she can keep her eggs warm and dry. She has been a great mother in years past, so we know she will rise (or not rise, as the case may be) to the occasion.

Tom Audrey and 2 Eggs
More to follow soon!

The Crazy Osprey Man and Mrs. Crazy Osprey Man